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When you become a guest  . . .

and wonder around our virtual motel you’ll see there are lots of opinions and statements (opening soon). Motel168 believe that communication is key and think it important that they explain their stance.

“We desire a better World for everyone and are willing to explain how we are setting about trying to achieve this.

When you know where you come from (spiritually) you cannot accept less than yourself in this matter. In order to help bring comfort and healing in our projects it is important to understand and walk away from what you are not trying to promote.

We are not promoting religion, we are promoting the positives that can be gleaned from most doctrines and intelligent practices. We are promoting your right to make informed choices that might just help you understand how important you are to the world. How talent that isn’t used or nutured is a huge waste and goes a long way towards making many lives very unhappy.

There will be those who are skeptical about the motivations behind your work and those who understand and support your driving force is pure in origin. We have spoken and exchanged thoughts about this end with lots of people across the Globe and the conclusion we came to is that, more than anything, you have to be true to who you are, or aspire to be.

You have to define yourself.

There will always be people who stand up for positive change and we are doing nothing new here. We stand for love; we stand for being and owning who you essentially know you are and choose to be. We stand in the knowledge that there is no mission unless it includes all of us and is beneficial to all of us.

We are not a charity we are for people understanding and evolving into the kind of people that might make a better World. We are interested in promoting self healing because we know and have witnessed some broken souls pouring their weak philosophies into eager little brains.

We live in a World full of egos and you have to accept that everyone’s path and choices have been made by people who think and feel they are right. We feel in order to get and give the love we all demand we have to appreciate and celebrate love in its simplicity.

You start with what you simply observe and care to action in your day. Being nurturing and pouring your efforts into making your World loving should be your first duty. We’re not talking about being a slave or placing yourself last – We’re talking about honoring the beings that are there for you. From your family, friends and work colleagues it is vital that we embrace a better level of trust, empathy and emotional intelligence as you move forward with your ambitions.

Our creativity is an extension of this. It has been our attempt to talk to more than one person in a positive manner. To give the listener a positive view point that isn’t overly sentimental but tries to address simply the fact that we all desire the same things. No matter where we start our lives.

We do not aspire to be Guru’s –

We’re just people who have grown weary of standing back when we can see much good to do and motivate. Hopefully, through our music, products and collaborations the message will come across more simply to those who seek it. If you want a nicer existence for you then you have to be involved in promoting that for others. You must understand that goodness abhors sadness. You will receive the same succor from someone else if you believe and act like you will.

When you feel alone and feel like you are suffering remember you are never alone when you acknowledge that we all come from love. It is better to stand with your hand extended knowing in time that the goodwill you project will send you what you need to continue to evolve into the person you know in your heart you are.

We believe using your work to help define who you are and what you want to achieve will reach the people you most desire to sit with. When you ‘arrive’ you will know these people will have gone through the same personal evolution to meet you.

If you want to heal the World start by healing yourself – you’ll always attract the help you need when you acknowledge we are all the same and we all come from love. Be good to yourself show others how to treat you well. Show others that your life is more than their negative assumptions based on their personal experiences. Show them cheerfully, demurely and confidently that your joy was well earned.

If you agree please  join us, like us, share us : )
Lots of love

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