Simple Hacks to Incorporate Happiness Into Your Life

 Positivity can seem like a lot of hard work

Happiness always sits in plain sight!

but there are many simple ways we can ingrain more positivity into our days without having to consciously think about it all of the time.

Often times it’s a lot easier to create an environment that helps foster positivity, rather than trying to force ourselves to be positive only from within our minds.

This article shares 5 suggestions on how we can use little hacks to our environment and routine to help add a more “positive atmosphere” to our daily lives.

Add a positive word or phrase into your passwords

These days we use passwords for everything – they are a huge part of the digital age we all live in.

In fact, they are such an embedded aspect of our lives that they provide a great and easy opportunity to add more positivity to your daily routine. All you need to do is transform a positive word or phrase into a password.

We type passwords almost everyday, so try taking a few of your accounts and changing them to something positive. Just remember to save it somewhere and don’t forget it!
A few examples off the top of my head:

    • “IGrowEveryday!”
    • “This2ShallPass!”
    • “ILiveInThePresent!”
    • 1WithEverything!”
    • “BeHappy!”

You get the idea. Be creative with it – find an idea that really resonates with you and then transform it into a simple password that you can use on a daily basis.

Find inspirational wallpaper for your computer and phone

Most of us spend a lot of time on our computers and cellphones, so changing your wallpaper to something inspirational can be a great way to ingrain more positivity into your day.

Think about it – every time you boot up your computer (or look at your phone) you see your background, so why not have it include a quote, or affirmation, or just a visually appealing image of nature, or someone you really admire?

You could start by searching for some good images with quotes at Quotes Porn on reddit (which isn’t actual porn, of course), or find some really pretty wallpapers at Wallpaper.

Or if you really want to get creative, make a custom background. Find an image on Google you really like, then add your own personal quote or affirmation to it. Choose something that really wakes you up and motivates you in a positive way.

Post positive affirmations around your home or office

One of the most common ways people boost their positivity is through affirmations.

Often times people consciously use affirmations by repeating positive statements to themselves inside their heads. However, another great way to use these affirmations is to post them around your home or office.

Find common areas in your routine – such as your mirror, fridge, shower, closet, or above your bed – then print out your affirmations and place them in these spots.

If you check out my free guide The Science of Self-Affirmations, you’ll find many different suggestions on how you can use affirmations, as well as a list of starter affirmations that you can borrow.

You can think of these posts around the house or office as frequent “positivity reminders.”

Carry a “lucky charm” around with you

Our minds can be very superstitious, but we can use this fact to change our thoughts and behaviors in a positive way.

In my article The Power of Small Rituals, I mention a study that shows various ways that superstitious behavior can actually improve our lives. For example, when golfers believe they have a “lucky ball” they actually perform better than those who use a normal one.

Superstition can have a positive effect on us – not because of magic – but because it gives us a psychological boost in confidence and minimizes stress and anxiety.

It’s nice to feel that we have something that gives us an advantage, even if it’s something as silly as a lucky object.

You can very easily integrate this idea into your everyday life. Choose an object that’s easy to carry around – a bracelet, necklace, watch, or handkerchief – and begin viewing it as a source of empowerment and positivity.

Create a positive and motivating music playlist

For many people, music is another big part of our daily routine, whether it’s listening to music at work, home, or while commuting.

Music is one of the most common tools people use to change their psychology. In my article How We Use Music to Manage Our Stress and Emotions, I describe how different types of music can influence different states of mind.

For example, some people may play a fast and energetic song if they want to get motivated at the gym, or an ambient song when they want to be more reflective, or a romantic song if they are trying to “set the mood.”

In the same way, we can create a music playlist specifically designed to create feelings of happiness and positivity. And you can then put this playlist on whenever you feel you need an extra boost.

For me personally, I like to use a program like Spotify or Grooveshark to organize multiple playlists. You can even share these playlists with a couple of friends so that they are constantly evolving and stay fresh.

Of course you could also just organize a playlist on your smartphone, iPod, or MP3 player too. Just make sure you choose at least 10-12 songs that seem to always put a smile on your face.


These are just a few simple hacks you can use to ingrain more positivity and happiness into your way of life. Most of these suggestions don’t take much effort to put together, but once they are set up then they are always there for you.


Thank you for your time and interest. Please like, share or comment.



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