Developing A Self Belief System.

What if you could have everything you’ve ever wanted

 if you just changed your mind-set? If you just believed in you, your talents your will and the power of the universe? What if you just thought it and it came to you because you just couldn’t think of not getting it?. What if you walked or ran from the people who didn’t honour you or the way you wanted to feel about yourself? What if all those people who rocked up to test your conviction are right? What if you proved your way was as good as theirs? What if you illustrated that business was good but good business was better what if, what if.

Can you admit your failings and do something positive to change them?

To be honest enough to admit your failing is difficult but essential. You have to first accept you’ve worn this ‘negative Nelly’ coat for a long time and people might mock you if you become so pep that your now deemed as odd and too positive, LOL. People will no doubt think your wasting your time because you can’t just think it and it happens, can you?

On what occasion or situation that your responsible for has this not happened?  Nothing positive or negative happens without thought first that is within your control?

This video is a perfect example of what thought did.

Do you let your friends define you or do you think of actions to illustrate who you could be if you chose to be?

Thank you for your time and interest.

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2 thoughts on “Developing A Self Belief System.

  1. The belief in one self is all we real have. Yet, it is not a belief but knowing of who and what we are. The discovery of the Totality of our self is what this life is all about, and were we receive the personal power to live our life. Love and the self are one. The discovery of either is the realization of both, because when a person lives in love. They are no longer at the mercy of forces greater then themselves, for they become this powerful force in love. Live in Love.

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