Get Ready for a Journey: Customer Experience is Changing

The new customer service

This is a post about going from good to best. Plenty of companies have gotten the message that customer experience matters.

As more companies focus on the customer, they’re looking at how to improve customer satisfaction scores. As a customer, that’s great. However, it isn’t enough for companies to improve call centre performance or web site usability. We live in a multichannel world where channel-surfing customers hit all sorts of touch points before completing their task. It’s a journey now.

Doing well at one touch-point is good, but it doesn’t matter if you haven’t created a great journey. And that matters because 56% of all customer interactions happen across a multichannel journey. For companies focusing on improving those touch-points but ignoring the journey, it’s like not being able to see the forest for the trees.

The power of the journey really came through in this slideshow my colleague Dorian Stone recently presented (Customer Journey Analytics and Big Data). It highlights a few critical points for anyone interested in customer experience and growth:

■ Getting journeys right is critical to business success. Journeys are 30% – 40% more predictive of customer satisfaction and churn. Companies that provide excellent customer journeys are top performers in both customer experience and growth.

■ Understanding your customers’ journeys is a significant Big Data challenge. With all the touch-points your customers hit, you need to not only get the data; you have to find the journey patterns between all those touch-points to see where the leakages and opportunities are (McKinsey has invested in a joint offering with a company called Clickfox to address this critical point).

■ Excellence in customer journeys is about more than getting good customer satisfaction scores. Mastering journeys can lower costs (e.g. reduced calls to call centers), reduce customer churn, and increase cross-selling success.

Fix your customer touch-points: good. Fix your customer journeys: better.

Which customer journeys are most important to your business?

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