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The world of business is all about innovation. Every entrepreneur knows one of the number one rules of being in business is always thinking ahead, thinking above, and predicting beyond.

Steve Jobs quotes it as, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” This is the absolute truth in business. If an entrepreneur is not willing or able to innovate in his or her business, the business becomes stale. In a world of the ‘next big thing’, becoming docile and resting on your laurels may land you at rest forever. Of all the woes a business can have the enemy of not innovating ranks up near the top. Then again, there could be a drawback to all this innovation. What happens when businesses rush to innovate all at one time? With all the fields being pushed to innovate will there eventually become a shortage of ways to innovate in business?

Entrepreneurs all over the world sit and debate the next big innovations both within their company and in the world of business. It seems that any innovations now may be a rehash of some other project that someone has completed, just with a few tweaks. Then again, once upon a time there was no Apple or Microsoft. We didn’t have the iPod or the smooth Windows operating systems to reply on. Google was a word none of us had ever heard. But those things exist now and are part of what our culture is built around. Is there room for another contender? Or have we already discovered the main points of innovation?


Janne Ohtonen of NextTen points to customer experience as being a major frontier of innovation. “The most important thing left for business to innovate is the customer experience. Actually, that is the only important thing left for a business to innovate, because everything else follows customer experience. Like Peter Drucker said already a in the 1950s, the customer is the only reason for a business to exist and the most important goal is to add value to customers. Too many companies even nowadays live in the old industrial age mindset, where the customer is the compulsory evil. But the world has changed and every business owner, director, board member and employee needs to think, how can we innovate better and more profitable customer experiences to those who want to consume our services or products.” And with the new ideas and innovations that are ahead, Shari Strong of Strong Organizationindicates that dealing with these new changes will be an innovation in itself, “It may seem like there may not be a lot left to do, when it comes to innovating in the business world. However, in the next decade, the ability to adopt to new ideas, adapt to change, and influence those around you will be more important than ever if you want to be involved in future business innovation. The reason, I find, that businesses get stuck is because they are in routines; they don’t take time to dream forward or set new goals. Innovation seems to come at 2 different times: when we are frustrated or when we are in a groove and have momentum. During these times, we open our minds to new solutions or a new way of doing things. So, to the question, “what’s left to innovate?” That will depend on if we wait until we are frustrated with business as is, or those who have momentum whom I would bet are innovating right now!” . . . .

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