Accenture: customer experience should be the focus of modern marketing

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One of the key tenets of our Modern Marketing Manifesto is that improving the customer experience must be the relentless focus of modern marketing.

It states that the customer experience is about “customer centricity as evidenced by the service or product that we deliver across channels. It is about respecting the power and importance of great design”.

Digital technologies present a great opportunity for businesses to create personalised customer experiences. However, the proliferation of consumer touch points also makes it increasingly difficult to come up with a coherent strategy across different channels.

To find out more about these challenges, I spoke to Accenture Interactive EMEA managing director Anatoly Roytman.

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Why is customer experience seen as more important in the digital age?

Customer experience has always been important.  What’s changed is the ability to deliver consistent and relevant customer experiences at scale and across channels. 

In today’s digital age, customers expect multichannel experiences where they can move seamlessly between channels and devices how and when they want. Even though the needs of each customer are different, they are all looking for the best price, the easiest buying experience and personalised service. 

And they expect to see the same price, same description and same brand as they move between channels.

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