14 Reasons To Do Social Customer Service


14 statistics that will have you rethinking your decision to ignore social media as a customer service channel, plus tips for doing it right.

So today’s edition of our customer service series is devoted to why social customer service matters. This great infographicfrom referral marketing software Ambassador has 14 great reasons, plus tips for doing it right.


1. 71% of customers expect to receive assistance within 5 minutes of reaching out to a company. 

2. If they don’t receive assistance in the time expected, 48% will leave the site.

3. Customers are likely to spend 21% more if they receive good customer service via social media.

4. 19% of customers who don’t receive a response will still recommend the company. 

5. 71% of customers who have a positive customer service experience via social media are likely to recommend the company.

6. 33% of customers would rather contact a company through social media than by telephone.)

7. 92% of consumers in the UK left one business for another in the past year due to poor customer service. 

8. 36% of customers who ask for assistance via social media have reported receiving effective service.

9. 73% of top-performing companies said customer service was one of the main reasons to engage on social media.

10. Over half of all social media users will engage with brands several times a month.

11. 9% of social media users engage with brands daily.

12. 42% of Twitter users expect a company to respond to their inquiry within one hour. 

13. 71% of 16- to 64-year-olds use the internet to find solutions when they experience difficulty with a product.

14. 70% of those helped via social customer service return as a customer in the future.

Brittany Bergen


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