Together We Prosper.

love is everything

It’s funny how all the TV we find funny involves people not co existing together harmoniously.

I wonder if watching disharmony has a long term influence on our expectations of relationships? People seem to relate brashly or at volume levels way above normal enjoyment. I know  I’m harping on again about unity but I do wonder if we could resolve to make another domestic script?

Is it so difficult to believe we could find humor that doesn’t involve people being awful to each other?

People wedged together through finance or co-dependency but not fidelity. Found this as another example of how TV may of led us to believe that wives have to be disappointed, boyfriends have to good at DIY and constantly chasing other women, families just don’t seem to get on? Why do women have to nag and brow beat someone to get them to bend to their way. I spoke to a guy recently who told me that power plays swing backwards and forwards with each party having a certain amount at any given time.

I still believe you can live harmoniously if in a couple

and both decides in  equality decides to place one another first. Is this a naive and idealistic theory? I still think if you attended to it simply and both parties chose to extend themselves lovingly it could work? Then I guess you both have to be emotionally secure to allow someone-else to be wonderfully human, eh? Not sure with all our ‘given’ expectations’ we’ll ever get there, although with all my heart I hope we do. : )

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