BBC Promotes Taxi Driver To Corporate Specialist in 5 Minutes : )

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What do you do when Providence picks you and places you in a situation not of your choosing, but one you have to accept?

No way out, do you rise to the occasion or do you buckle? Well, have you heard the story about the taxi driver who delivers a guy from Itunes to be interviewed at the BBC on one of there TV programmes. He happlessly is taken to the green room and asked to wait. Someone turns up 10 minutes later and places a microphone on him and leads him onto a set. Then he is interviewed instead of the person he had driven there. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this clip the first 8 seconds being the funniest. Totally genius, if this doesn’t show you that life can pick you up and place you anywhere it pleases, nothing can. I think, don’t sweat the hard stuff anything can conspire to change your disposition or status. That control you think you have well it’s not as concrete as you think it is. Let go of your ego sometimes and let circumstances take you by the hand. It just might lead you to a place or situation you never in a million year thought would happen to you LOL.

Hope this made you laugh as much as it did us.

Life’s a hoot sometimes, just open your arms and embrace it. Choose the adrenalin rush, the amusing dinner party story that is sometimes thrown your way. It’s not suppose to be so heavy as you think it is but it can be if you think and act like it’s all your doing.

Have a great day and thank you for your time nand interest.

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3 thoughts on “BBC Promotes Taxi Driver To Corporate Specialist in 5 Minutes : )

  1. hehehe it’s really funny! but even the man is not prepared for that interview and no idea at all of what is happening there, he did it very well 🙂

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