Addicted to Plastic Free Water

Litter free
A good friend bought me a very nice bag from Anya Hindmarch to take shopping for groceries because I had been complaining about the plastic bags they chuck at us every time you buy something, even the littlest thing?. Alas, I used it for a bit then decided I couldn’t be bothered to keep carrying it so I went back to using the stores bags which in hindsight was very wasteful of me. Anyhow I was watching this documentary and I literally felt sick when they dissected a bird’s stomach and I saw all the sea creatures living on all this plastic. I know I have been contributing to this in my apathy. It’s hard always trying to do the best thing for our World because you don’t often see the damage until it is pointed out to you. This film does that. None of us are born bad and sometimes it’s a complete chore caring for something when you don’t often see the damage. When you are exposed to it and carry on. Well, not only does that make you selfish it also make you a plum. I now have my very nice bag on a hook next to my front door so I can’t make up excuses anymore without knowing I’m actually choosing to not care about our World.

I have a friend who recently recovered from cancer

and she had an aversion to anything healthy. Eating Mexican, fries, cheap meat, and Chinese takeaways were her dietary staples. I said to her if you carry on like this life will force you to take care of yourself. Now she has to eat apples, veg, and healthier options because her body needs them. Imagine what I felt when I watched this and I thought my eating healthily was doing me good. Then, discovering that maybe the fish I’ve been eating had been living on plastic pellets which in someway could poison me. Eek!!fishing tales . . .  

Fortunately this documentary is optimistic in out look and you’ll be as pleased as I was to see there are scientists and good people out there coming up with good solutions on our World’s behalf. This is good but I still think we shouldn’t be adding to this so, please get a bag that isn’t made out of plastic to take shopping with you. I personally think they should be banned or made some of the ways suggested in this film.

Business is good, but good business is better 

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