Where Is The Silver Lining?

ActionEverybody gets low sometimes

and if your anything like me you’ll drag a blanket over your head, make yourself a hot chocolate and head for your bed. I like to watch comedies and laugh myself out of it. I spoke to a good friend of mine yesterday in America and she said she was feeling just as ‘miffed’ and finding it just as hard to shake her blues away too. Here’s a movie that always make me place the human condition into perspective. It has everything greed, meanness, all the glorious weaknesses we all own.  When you watch them all played out in this movie you can’t help but laugh your head off.

Life is said to be short and it does strike me as ridiculous

that we all spend so much time thinking about the pursuit of ease, easy money, wealth without work or talent but many get away with it because there is something in the human nature that loves the idea of something for nothing. Even breaking the law in its attainment is held in awe? Yes, it is a mad world but you need to look underneath all, because even though it looks very bleak sometimes and full of the most God awful people. This is never the complete story there is always you, your plans your dreams. Yes we all get down, de-motivated but you must know that this time will pass. Broken hearts mend, disappointments can change to blessings and depression can with no explanation just lift.

I love early American films

because they had to concentrate on the script to add value I love the big screen blow up movies too but for me it’s always been about the script for thats where the humanity lies. I also love them because of the weather theres not enough sunshine in England so just watching a shiny American film lifts my blues. Spanish, French and Italian films kind of do the same by making me feel like the view in the film is my view. Makes me smile so thats why I’m sharing this movie with you. It has Phil Silvers in it with his base human reactions is just awful but funny to watch. I relate most to Sylvester someone ‘in it’ but on the outside and I love Pike just watch his facial expressions, just hilarious!

This is one of my favourite films

because like I said these characters portray human beings at their worst the only sad thing about it is I don’t think any of us have really evolved that much. This is for you then : ) If you have been feeling as flat as I have, slightly bemused with all wondering why life dangles carrots that just disappear without explanation? This is to remind you it’s all really just an illusion because when you do achieve what your heart hungers for, what your spirit knows must come. Well all this stuff we fret about will pale into insignificance. You’ll laugh at the wasted weeks of hankering, and hoping because that is all you can do. There aren’t any answers really just the sweet acceptance that when you attain what you desire and you may not even know what it is. Well when it starts to usher in just be grateful that you are wise to recognise the gift you have always been looking for. Savour well the cherry on your cake because all life has to be placed in perspective. Without sadness you cannot appreciate joy, without loss you cannot appreciate gaining, without respect for all you cannot gain respect for yourself. If a butterfly floats down and nestles on your knee don’t brush it away or kill it and keep it in a box. These gifts don’t happen very often, look at it and appreciate the fact that it chose you, chose to add a brief life to make an impression on yours : )

The whole film has been removed but here’s a clip I found to give you a flavour. Place your headphones on now, because even if you can see it is still funny to listen to . . . . Enjoy!

Please feel free to share, comment, like or become a guest to your right.

Thank you for your time and I hope I leave you smiling and feeling it isn’t as mad or bad as it could be : )


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