Does Greed Make You Happy?

a bugs life

Many of you may scream yes!!!

It amazes us how many people are investing in getting all for themselves. This film illustrates greed and it’s corrupting influences. No truly rich person trusts completely especially if they are nouveau rich. They can’t help it the muscles tense in their faces and they look on without empathy at others because they perceive they will be exploited with people with less. We all run around in our lives busy with so much in common and yet so much apart.

Did you ever just not give a hoot about

what someone else wanted? You were  determined you were going to get everything for yourself. You felt justified right? It’s a dog eat dog world, when did we become animals we ask, just when? If ants can cooperate and work towards a mutual end why can’t we humans. This free will we have has us immersed in self-interested exploits we mustn’t forget that we humans are always the ones who pour boiling water on ants or stomp on then. We’d like a future of unity if you can see an easier route to this please share how?

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