Life Doesn’t Stink!

Life doesn't stink!

This film illustrates empathy,

some people still seem to be unable to step outside of their ‘box’ and understand what others go through until they are immersed in it themselves. Thats what so brilliant about life, providence conspires to pick you up and place you elsewhere so you learn this lesson. You may sit about worrying with nothing really to worry about because you have more than most. Then the next thing you are given something to really worry about. People take and take without thinking there may be a consequence and look what we’ve made an angry environmental world that takes thousands of lives with exactly the same harshness we exact, in friendships, classrooms, families. I think it interesting that these practices we’ve inherited and continue with have gone on for centuries and who knows they may well continue for another couple. All this without us seemingly learning we need a better infrastructure of nurturing socially and definitely enviromentally. 

Life doesn’t stink but unfortunately some people conspire to make you think it does.

This movie shows you how life might be without money or a strong enough spirit to save yourself. Fortunately there are other films that illustrate people who rise to great positions from nothing so there is balance. I love Mel Brookes he has a nice angle on looking at life most comedians do because in order to comment you have to understand and make the sadness funny. This film has me in ‘stitches’ and it’s these giggles that enable me to carry on with projects and a belief that people will choose to become nicer to each other in the long run. This world has grown cold and harsher and we need to laugh to keep our spirits raised. If we don’t then we begin to believe this ‘funk’ is real and change and act accordingly.

I’m being idealistic of course,

maybe but more importantly I’m sharing with you a good strategy for carrying on with goodwill and self belief in you because when that goes what we’re left with doesn’t bare thinking about.

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Thank you for your time, the dancing bits good isn’t it? That’t what I’d do that’s why I laughed with tears running down my face?

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