Armchair Activism The Route To Abundance

157cg42How long has Facebook been around eons it feels like?

It would seem before Facebook, people didn’t like things. The ‘likes’ have no fiscal value but do enhance reputation apparently? In ignorance people will ‘like’ companies that do nothing more than to serve synthetic sugars that in time could lead to ill-health. We have a romantised perception of some products but if we looked at them purely based on what they added to our lives. We’d soon see nothing but fools gold. Everybody likes the needle like sensation drinking Coke Cola gives you. The sense of it being refreshing but if you found out that when you were much older it might of harm your health the same as smoking cigerettes would you have pursued it?

We’re still perplexed over here.

If a spiritual truth is ‘like attracts like’ is it any wonder that most people suffer and stay in adverse situations because they still haven’t learnt the benefits of giving to themselves by giving to others? We know it’s a bit extreme to liken clicking ‘like’ on a Facebook page to attaining the things you desire. What if there was a direct correlation between the action of giving and personal attainment and abundance? What if just liking everything that positively caught your interest was enough to have the universe sending you all the good things you desired for yourself?

If ‘like attracts like’ when you don’t like something you do like. What do you think that sends out about you to the universe?

It’s the action of giving that is repaid. Please don’t do this cynically either. As in the Law of Attraction you must sincerely own the goodwill true giving requires. Yes practice does make perfect so perhaps start cynically test the universe, see if in your disbelief the fished eyed action of just ‘liking’ stuff you happen across does in fact bring more ”kindness/abundance your way.

Armchair Activism is something that takes place every day often without acknowledgement?

If we told you that every time you clicked ‘like’ on something you really did like that 2 gold coins would turn up in your pocket would you be liking like you’d just become King Midas? You bet you would the coins do turn up but the currency is beyond physical evaluation. It’s much better its paid in kind because sometimes the value is even greater.

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