Why Pinterest is a Good Vehicle for Building Faith in Mankind

I’m really excited by Pinterest

the minute I saw its interface I was excited about how this site could bring unity to the masses. For those of you who do not know what it is? In layman terms it is a digital pin board where you collect articles or photographs that interest you. It dawned on me that as we sit in different countries pinning pictures from each other the overwhelming similarities in taste and interest are very prevalent. I loved the way that when someone wrote a description without hash tags (LOL) that these would become a global discourse with one voice over a number of boards and countries. The tone of this voice is chipper, kind and smart and this is all borderless. Love that, goodwill with pictures.

  These are the different kind of pinners I’ve noticed:

  • The brand operators 

  These pinners seem to have lots of people following them and there is always lots of discourse on these boards from their followers. These pinners get excited and coo about anything from chocolate to spoons.

  • The creative Operators 

  There are the pinners who are professionally creative and you can tell by the pictures they pin their boards are always aesthetically pleasing and a lot of their info is pictorial instead of useful. There are lots of pictures of rooms and products and arty photographs.

  • The At Home Operators 

  There are the mothers/housewives who are more interested in good pins that lead them to useful articles about on health, DIY, housekeeping and cooking. These also seem to collect recipes like there is no tomorrow and so from Paleo to crock pot bread it’s all here.

  • The Pre Wed Operators 

  The singletons who always have a wedding and a health board so it would appear that most brides would like to have legs like a Centaur and the abs of a cage fighter before walking down the aisle. Lots of makeup and hair styling tips

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