Happiness Can Fuel Success At work

You are lucky to be you!

Most people lose patience with their work collegues,

they don’t love them but must tolerate them in order to get the job done amicably. Is it naive to expect to be happy at work? Some hide behind headphones so they can ‘concentrate’ and some just relate their lives all day so  they are forced to work late to catch up on the work they didn’t complete whilst ‘yakking’. I don’t know who would be the happiest out of both of these situations but this infograph gives good clues for you to draw your own conclusions.

This lady seems to have good ideas

and if you take out all  personality and just listen to the advice, well it just might make a positive difference to you. It’s hard to remain Zen with people you may not like but anything that makes your day to day existence easier has to be worth a try eh?

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