Charlie Sheen Winning!

Release a nice humanWhat I don’t understand is why nobody can give this guy any sympathy.

In this world we live in being incredibly rich seems to be the only goal. With such wealth comes much responsibility. In order to be an ‘A’ list celebrity you need to have an ego the size of a moose lol. You have to believe you are the best and you are indeed ‘running the show’. To behold this isn’t the prettiest, but we the public don’t mind as long as he’s smiling with his family or spouse keeping his veneers sparkling and his humility in tact. I don’t think in Hollywood that humility counts for much and when your earning two million dollars an episode for acting like a watered down version of yourself. Is it surprising that when you expose the monster you’ve become that your paid support group runs for the hills?

Yet many would give their back teeth and soul to be in his position.

Figuring they’d be more adept at handling it. I don’t think it would be that easy. In a world that fights to be ‘right’ about everything. I think you’d find you’d attract the same sycophantic ‘yes men and women’ and in time this might have you behaving in the same way if you were misguided and brave enough. Charlie Sheen doesn’t want our sympathy because he thinks he’s ‘right’. His money makes him right, his ex-wife, his girlfriend, his A list friends and the adult lady friends he hangs out with make him right. Sex, cash and booze it seems are the only things he seems to be feeling possibly because he’s in so much pain he doesn’t want to feel anything-else.

In his fragility he might feel strong but he is one of those sensitive souls

a ‘Hollywood actor’ and eventually his need to feel loved,adored and respected will return and when he wakes up from his stupor. He’s gonna be so pissed lol at what he’s done because we know don’t we that. . . You are what you do? : /

Thank you for your time and I hope I leave you smiling and feeling it isn’t as mad or bad as it could be : )


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