You Are Awesome, Now Own It!

What you consider wonderful is also a part of you : )

Everybody thinks the fun is always over there at sometime of the day or night!

Unless they are a socio-path in the making and then they think, they are the ‘fun’. Well we’re here to share with you that the fun is everywhere you just need to notice it and decide to become a part of it. From the business man to the dispossessed we all at some time think that our lives are blighted in some way and that we do not deserve to have joy. It is something that happens over there. With us always being the spectator.

Now when you look at babies do you think they are lying on  their backs gurgling the fun is over there and I am worthless.

Your self-worth is developed over time by environment,circumstances and the way you were nurtured by yourself and others. When you understand the premise you do what you know. It’s easy to understand the birth of unhappiness that is repeated from generation to generation within some families. The celebrated selfish behaviour some people own and call strength.


You do not have to sign up for it.

Everybody alive will feel sad about certain situations and relationships. We think you need to remember how special you are. Not in a ‘X Factor’ way that is a TV programme cynically made with ‘belittling’ in mind. We mean every person alive has something uniquely creative to offer our world. We as individuals just need to figure it out. Through positive creation we fulfil our mission here. We think a good start is thinking about the activities you enjoyed as a child. Some of us know our mission from very young and others it takes years of to figure it out. If you accept responsibility for your joy you know what what will turn up? Yes, exactly what you seek! Now go get some paper and a pen if you haven’t already and start figuring it out.

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