If You Can’t Keep Your Friends How Do You Expect To Keep Customers?

It’s really funny when you meet people who decide to start a business

some of them are really good at limited interaction and so you never really glean the reason you might want to be their friend nevermind buy anything from them. This whole branding thing is exciting in so much it forces you to think about what you stand for, what you are about, what you have to offer? I know, it sounds really cynical, but it’s a great start to really mapping out what defines you? Figure that out, then you deliver who you are within your business? I know I am not alone in my belief system I dislike spiritual info that’s delivered in a way that alinates the people they’d like to connect with. Is it possibe to deliver helpful  esoteric platforms, combined with a business sensibility? Will you be labeled a kook or someone who just understands that the material and spiritual worlds must exist side by side to at least keep good things in balance. Their have been lots of businesses who have been very successful who have never though of the benefits of making a good business model, just a good business profit.They come they go, this will never change. 

As youth culture ebbs away and is now just a vehicle

to sell empty dreams and avarice to young uninspired souls I wonder. Are we just creating a new old world model? I hope not, we need people to still believe in hope, still believe in their right to joy, still believe that beyond money their is always your personal fulfillemt. Instead of wasting years in the pursuit of the not so almighty dollar, is it good that people associate fulfillment with money?  I believe you do what you love realistically, plan well, work systematically and you can’t fail unless it’s something you do without passion and then you’ll find that the two things cannot co-exist, (a lack of passion and success).  More important than wealth I believe is the satisfaction of producing something of personal merit that adds positively to our world.

You are your business

Self ‘brand’ yes but understand who you are,

what your offering and why it is beneficial to others? If you get it right some will buy into it, if not then you’ve tried and fortunately I believe (because you are not alone in the world) some will understand you and step up. Some won’t which is fine. You have to understand that if you decide to stand on the side of anything you deem good, people will be against you. It just isn’t sexy enough, we seem to be programmed to be ‘against’ everything. It seems to be human nature to be at ’cause’.

Yes, it’s all really tricky,

people want the cash but estimate that their target audience maybe to unintelligent to figure out or see the insincerity. I see it all the time even in friendships, people running from one set of ears to another trying to obtain allies in their pursuit of doing ‘crap’ to somebody. Just so they can close their eyes at night and sleep soundly.

One of my pet hates is the sentence “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business”

How dare someone trade on someone else’s good nature/will and friendship to achieve what they want then treat them like they are worth less than money they’ve helped them make. I have had people in my life like this, (helpful people always do). You’re only defence is estimating what your prepared to give because whilst your sat around your candle eating franks and beans out of a tin. That same person will be pouring the finest claret into their beef stew pontificating about how they achieved all without your help, without any help LOL. You have to laugh or you’ll cry, hard!

Your business then depends on people,

but you’re not very good at maintaining relationships. First, ask yourself why your friendship failed? Secondly take accountability for any bad behaviour you may have contributed? Third try and make it right, asking forgiveness if needed? With these steps taken you could have a successful business for longer than the usual amount of time for start ups. If you cannot then employ a good customer servive team you’re going to need them, tee hee!

Please feel free to share, like, comment. It is just my opinion not the law LOL!  

Thank you for your time

Customer168Service: ))


4 thoughts on “If You Can’t Keep Your Friends How Do You Expect To Keep Customers?

  1. Great post Motel168. I check constantly this blog and I’m inspired! Very useful information especially this article 🙂 I used to be looking for this kind of information and i’m really pleased i found it here. Thank you for putting in the time and the best of luck.

    1. Thank you, It seems obvious to me friend or foe we are all people. When ‘one’ decides to treat other people better. Eventually the ‘give’ will be repaid. It seems to work for me so I know it will for others. It’s simple being nice is rewarded. : ))

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