How Visual Pollution Makes You Unhappy?

I am you

I dislike packaging but I know we need it,

it keeps us safe and informed about what were buying. I like clean lines and so if I can take a label off I will or decant it into a bottle I do.  We live in a world that offers  bill boards and magazines full of things that don’t really live up to what you think your getting. The only thing that I genuinely believe lives up to the packaging is anything designed by Macintosh/Apple. I’m currently in love with my Mac Book Pro. I just wish more products that I can afford to buy, lived up to the hype.  

The visual pollution of packaging bleeds into our self conscious

like red ink on a white dress. We all take it for granted  that these visual pollutants are an necessary evil but fortunately they aren’t. I think they keep us from the beauty that just is. If we got use to a Big Mac looking like the the thing we actually buy and knew that although not as attractive as the Ad it was full of goodness then perhaps we’d not mind so much the dis-crepenency. There is a dissatisfaction that comes after one of these burgers for me anyway. Thats why I always order a double cheeseburger as I hold no expectations of it. It is what it says on the tin.

I ask why not make the real thing better

why not spend all that marketing money giving value to your product? When you are lied to everyday by companies it just lowers your expectations of life. You begin to believe that it’s OK to buy the records of a pretty girl that can’t sing, to buy the dress of a celebrity designer who hasn’t trained to be one. To aspire to something because it looks easy enough to attain. So many talented people forget their dreams, ‘ grow up’ and accept that life is a series of dissatisfactions with a price tag. Doesn’t it make sense to try to strive to produce, create something that is just beautifully ordinary, beautifully essential.  Good and honest not full of empty promises. doesn’t it make sense to make things that celebrate humanity, celebrate your life as it progresses. Not eating a badly put together meal and calling it happy. When you associate good words with less than standard products not only do you make the joy of consumerism less than, you also make everyones day worst when the picture on the Ad is prettier than what you actually consume.


I watched a documentary yesterday about branding in films ‘

The Greatest movie Ever Sold’. Part of it made me laugh it was clever but mostly I felt an understanding of why people are so unhappy with their lot. What I love about branding and the fact that you can’t do anything these days without thinking about what and who you are. Anything that makes people address who they are, question what they believe in, and more importantly define what they stand for? In the past you could make your money and some still do with out any self awareness, now even mundane brands like Coke have to figure out where they stand. In the past they attached their flag to nostalgia now their sassy consumers require more from them in terms of marketing.

So before you launch your new product and plaster your skillfully designed logo everywhere

I hope you’ve had a real think about what you stand for? If your ‘on it’ you’ll come to the only constructive conclusion. If your still thinking the world could stand another business about blah, blah, blah. Think again because as more and more businesses come to the fore with their own brand of digital and hard copy ‘pollution’. Please make sure that what you bring isn’t more substandard products with pretty pictures and no well thought out content. I don’t believe we need anymore and I know our environmental world doesn’t.

Thank you for your time, please feel free to share, re tweet, like, etc ooh yeah and please join us : )


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