Changing Ordinary into Meaningful

We all have a perception of what beauty is

. It is thankfully an individual choice and if you’re lucky you’ll find others that agree with you. What I find interesting are those fleeting moments of beauty that people take for granted. We can absorbed the things that we are meant to from TV, film and on-line media. It is apparently beautiful for women to wear 12 inch heels, be sprayed brown and have hair like a Red Setter.  It is also beautiful for men to be hairless on their chest, to have huge biceps and also to be sprayed brown. I do not find these things beautiful so I’m not being catered for.

I know there are many out there that see and value ordinary beauty.

The things that make me smile or take my breath away are always simple and graceful. The people I value and love aren’t alway with me in my pursuit of simplicity but they see it in my home and works and I’m interested in seeing how other people see their lives. True empathy comes from enlightenment. When you take away the screen of glamour that people perceive as a good life. You are left with something much more fulfilling, much more honest. You may just see what I do. The things that make our lives worth celebrating in a simple form.

It’s unfortunate that the beauty I value is always dismissed as depressing

by the media but I think if you squint your eyes and take another look. That wonderful disposition of calmness will take effect and you’ll see and understand the following.

“When you notice the beauty in all you perceive, others will notice the beauty in you”

Please feel free to like, share etc. Yes I have been a bit quiet it’s just who needs another opinion everyday. We all have them and nobody likes a know it all LOL. Sometimes it’s best to keep your own council tee hee : ))



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