Catching Madonna’s W.E

In the winter I sat in an Egyptian hotel room and watched the world from under the bluest sky and the coldest nights.

When your in the middle of no-where and you only have lazy fat mozzies for company you end up watching anything in English on the TV. This is where I discovered an American TV station called the Biography Channel. When I was a kid I spent my Sat mornings (after my chores) reading autobiographies in the local library. I’ve always been fascinated with how people choose to live their lives so I was happy to while away a few evenings just watching stories of mostly movie stars and how they started and continue or end up living their lives.

Now I have this theory that when you begin your career journey so eager for the ‘prize’ maybe you will do almost anything to get there. Especially if you believe that with whatever talent you possess you have somehow hoodwinked all and ‘made it. I watched the story of Steven Seagal, Sharon Stone, Charlie sheen endless stories and there was this on going thread. That thread being you use whatever you have to get where you want and you’re not to nice or gracious about it.

I have read countless stories about Madonna and danced and sung along to some of her better songs.

Now she has turned her attention to directing. I so wanted people to be supportive of her directing debut. Having read the reviews for her film W. E and her responses to her critics. I conclude that she too has become a victim of her own ambition. To get to her dizzying heights you have to believe that you are right in your actions and have such self belief that you know best. You may look at your ex husband and decide that because he has failings within your marriage that he is failing in his career. You may assess after making a film with him that failed that what he does for a living is easily done if you throw enough money at it. You may estimate that all people like you are impressed by wealth and luxury and would pay £25 for two to sit and eat expensive popcorn and watch a film about two people who made bad life choices. You may come to the conclusion that releasing it the year of the royal marriage may be providence giving you a red light. You may decide that all of these reasons are valid enough if your self belief is sured, you only come unstuck when you are invested in the opinions of others, right? Why would you care? She apparently does and it’s this fragility that may be her saving grace. You know she’s not going to stop she’s had a successful musical career so she has estimated that she will do the same in film. Music at best is a 3 minute triumph making a film is so much more. 

If you desire true respect for the work you do

, you have to walk the path from the beginning because if you don’t, you lose the thing you may not of cared about in your youth but in older age you may desire it more than all the money you’ve attained. All these people in their youth went for what they wanted without ‘seemingly’ having a care what others thought of them. Taking clothes off, leaving wives, doing almost anything in such a selfish and hedonistic manner that I’m almost certain they saw no wrong in this.

We see it all the time ‘God awful’ people who do not give a ‘fig’ unless they get what they want. I’ve always been particularly scared of these people they look at you blinking like cows and when your heads about to explode in anger they just don’t know what you’re going on about. Remote and removed from empathy, remote and removed from you the only thing they care about is themselves.

So here we have a woman who has chosen to live her life

a certain way and wants the love she has attained to be turned into something she can be lauded for, film making, something fully in her creative control. You see it all the time people stopping at nothing then deciding in later years they want to change history and be admired for the finer side of their aspirations. Even though they threw them away years ago when the millionth book was sold with their ‘fanny’ hanging out. LOL it’s understandable because to attain this level of fame you have the ego to believe that you can turn your hand to anything. If you employ the right people, if the people you trust are honest with you. You exist in such a rarified enviroment of very successfull designers, stylists, etc. How can you sit there and not assume you aren’t the same?

I’m just waiting for the documentaries Jordans/Katie Price is going to make. the world we’ve made is utterly bonkers, but at least it’s entertaining eh? : )

Thank you for your time please feel free to comment, share, like : )



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