The Real Crisis is, We Stopped Choosing Wisdom.

One of the things I have known and had forgotten is that people are very wise.

My ego had made me think I was alone in seeing all of this pain we live in and then the riots happened.  I’m pleased to have re-discovered that we are all wise in our perceptions of our lives and our needs. I do not like the mentality of I’m aboard so I’m OK, it leaves me cold. It’s like hanging out with the bully at school thinking your safe but ultimately you never are. I’m simple, I desire kindness, succor and affection and I know we all do on some level.

Many place fences up in a bid to self protect themselves

but you can’t protect yourself from life and its many lessons. What you can do is simply do the right thing. When you encounter someone in need do the right thing. When you see some body hurting try to do the right thing. It’s that simple we all have a moral compass, many ignore it so they can continue to do the wrong thing and tell themselves it is a majority action so it is justified.  You can’t in good conscious justify it. I’ve noticed that many people who are ‘weak’ in their choices can never truly defend them. They become entrenched in ‘feeling’ more than thinking. When you truly think about the Riots happening all over the world. If you view any of it without empathy then you miss the lesson. It’s a waste being intelligent if you do not align your thoughts and core feelings. If they come from anywhere else than empathy then you are invested in ‘self’ and not in the answer to any of these problems. We are none of us apart, because when a tsunami, earthquake or flood strikes it doesn’t just attack the poor it attacks everybody. Our world can level us all and make us all become the same irrespective of wealth, class or gender. If you really want to find an answer to how you can make the disaffected feel ‘apart’ of ‘your’ society. It’s simple ask yourself, “What would you do if you were in their shoes?”

If you find yourself saying dumb things like.

“I did this and nobody helped me” these are sign posts to pain. Pain is suppose to teach you empathy and if it isn’t then that’s where you’ll stay until you learn it. Love begets love and so does hate. If you desire a better society choose one, and if you do your starting point in intelligence should be? How can I personally take my intellectual reasoning on this situation and turn them into positive actions that will benefit the whole of society? Otherwise all this rioting will have achieved is a few heated dinner party conversations about the state of the world and that to me seems a real wasted opportunity.

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