I Choose You Who Do You Choose?

When did sandwich choices get so complicated you have gourmet ones, basic ones, healthy ones?

Its just marketing gone mad. They are all basically the same in taste, but if you really feel you can’t get through the day without a Brie and Grape sandwich then pop into any supermarket and you can get it or their equivalent. (How many different varieties of a cheese and tomato sandwich does one lunch time require? The fact that people may gleam some kind of superiority from choosing a gourmet version is beyond sad I think)

We live in an enlightened age

and yet we are bombarded with too many choices, when many around the world are faced with just one poor meal a day. It’s like this with most products from Jaffa Cakes to mini handbag sized Jaffa Cakes anything that frees you from the few pence in your wallet. Soap powder which now encourages you to buy a stain remover to assist the soap powder, marketing gone bonkers LOL. Things do not do what it say’s on the tin any more because to just simply deliver what you promised is an opportunity lost to sell more. Laziness is prevalent and all of this ‘ease’ robs us of any true choice. I say make your own sandwiches have some control over what you place in your stomach. Choose a few wines that you like and stick to them. Make your choices truly define you, because when you define yo, you define your world.

My home is basically white.

I take the labels of most things and just know what is contained in the bottle. My spirit is tired of the ‘visual pollution‘ of all this choice. Some like it like this which is as i t should be we shouldn’t all be the same it does make me wonder though?

How can you truly be happy when you are faced with so many items that rob you of the ease of choosing? Have you ever eaten a gourmet sandwich and become overwhelmed by how unsavory it is. It’s almost too rich for pleasure, too overdone for real appreciation. The world seems occupied with eating restaurant quality food at home, why? Where’s the pleasure in going to a nice restaurant when you can do it for yourself. I guess the argument would be you can still live a ‘fine’ life without the costly restaurant bill. Those of you who have ever traveled on an expense account will know how after a couple of weeks  you may long for a plate  beans on toast. Even though when home you may not even make this dish for yourself?

Sometimes you have to become aware that 21st Century is not the step forward it should be

. With more people getting diabetes, developing really bad eating disorders. I think we’re now at the place in our evolution where we need to start choosing simply because we now have so much choice it’s frankly killing many of us. This is really sad but not undo-able.Thankfully : )

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