Our Words Should Be The Same?

You won't sink : )

I’m always ‘banging’ on about us all being connected,

that who you are is intrinsically ‘good’ but that is affected by the label we pin on ourselves. So many things affect us and we dismiss them and continue, most stand for nothing except getting through their day. We are all affected by everything I believe because we are all connected. We are all made up of  over 70% water and if this can be affected by intent, then so can we.

I use to write these songs which would literally

leave my audience crying I thought that was my mission to unleash the sadness that most hold in. To support that by making an environment where people can let their pain go. My publishers at the time insisted on me trying to write like other artists but if you know me doing what others do plainly has never been my truth. I know I’m supported on my path because the funds always come to support me continuing in this quest. I have defined me and I am at cause trying to help and support you doing the same. There is no need for unhappiness in your life you just have to change the label on your ‘water’. When you define you, you draw nearer to your universal source which is only for good, because when you ask yourself “How can I best serve your world?” You can only arrive at the same path I have, different routes perhaps but definitely the same destination and hopefully the same results.

I want our world happier

because I know the label we have place on us as a society is a callous one. I know this by the way some people conduct themselves on a daily basis. I know this because I see this in the ‘care’ some friends offer each other. I see this in the lack of gratitude some of us offer others, I see this because when I see the labels some people use for themselves are made real by their actions their speech. the beauty I once saw in them is diminished. We can change but again we have to choose this, please do the experience in the clip below and watch proof that words and thoughts do carry weight in your existence. Know that when you say quietly to yourself “I do deserve love!” well make sure that the label you place on yourself is the right one because true love only finds those who know essentially what it is.

If you want love then tell your 70% of water that flows/works continuously in you that YOU ARE LOVE.

Then not only will you attract the love you need you will be the tonic to some other soul who has come here to this planet to find true love too. It is not clever to think your life is one dimensional that esoteric science is bunkum to truly find the life you deserve you have to look at everything that is all here for us. Self preservation and a quest for joy should have you filtering out the bad stuff, finding the forgiveness to remove all the negative labels placed on you by others in your existence.

You deserve love it is your birthright but it alarms me how many people have become an adult without really knowing or feeling what it really is?

Some may ask “Where is the love?” You should intuitively know it is where you are, waiting for you to open your arms and heart to her : )

Please feel free to share, tweet, like etc all is appreciated. Remember there is no secret it is all here (the answers) for us to be happy you just need to be ‘awake’ be open to the answers that are all here for us if we are prepared to watch, learn and listen.


Advocates of elevated living!


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