How To Become Loved?

I’m terrible when I fancy someone my feelings go all over the place

The price of gaining what you desire is the fear of losing it. You ask your friends for advice and you get so much advice your head blows up like a cyst. I ask myself why can’t things be simple, straight forward aren’t you suppose to hold someones gaze and know? We all know that problems arise in all things. They happen to test your conviction to make sure your choices are right for you. You can either go against everything you instinctively feel to hook the guy or girl or you can be honest, vulnerable and ultimately true to yourself. The advice I’ve received this week although good has nothing to do with my personality and needs apart from gaining the object of my desire and everything to do with game playing. No wonder people fall out of love, when your not authentic when your first showing/sharing your affection because your following some unwritten ruse on how to bag a guy. The packagings good the rest we can change later. How sad, how much crap comes in nice packaging?

Two people holding their gaze and walking slowly towards each other

. Maybe pure fiction but in those unspoken words and locked eyes there could be everything you ever wanted if you are just brave enough to share your fear, your vulnerability. You have to  offer this to love properly because there cannot be any weapons. Uncomfortable as it seems you should be turning up empty handed with only your vulnerable core and instinct to guide you. Some women are very good at playing they are OK with all the guy doesn’t do or does do. it’s so complicated. Luring someone into a false sense of security and then bombarding them with things you need to change in them in order to have them be more palatable to you isn’t progressive. I don’t think this can be the path to unity, do you?

People do behave like this and always will.

These people will get married, will get divorced, in some cases will hate each other. It doesn’t have to be like this but it is what couple choose all the time. I see some of my girl friends act like lambs when in fact they are more like lionesses. I don’t want to judge anybody we all must do what we feel is the right thing to do to get the succor every soul requires. I just don’t want to act like someone I’m not to get it. Not being authentic fries my brain makes me feel like I am conspiring against myself. Choosing the fuzzy lollipop when in fact what I want is a Mac truck full of brand new lollipops with the word ‘us’ stamped in the middle. I’ve still much to learn but hopefully the person who holds my gaze will understand that in the end clumsy I may be in my delivery, blunt and even at times unsure. What I am bringing at the end of the day is a better route to love than has previously been established. I don’t believe that when you are both vulnerable and brave enough to share that and get the answers you need to progress together. Well I just don’t believe you can get that half way down the path to a relationship, it has to be present from the beginning. Strong buildings have to have strong foundations without them they simply fall down.

Please feel free to rate, share, like and tweet I appreciate all. thank you for your time and I hope if you are brave enough to be vulnerable our paths will one day cross : )o



2 thoughts on “How To Become Loved?

  1. for me, giving love will gain love, so we should never get tired of loving and we shouldn’t expect for any returns for it will just bounced back to us.. and this is how to be loved. 🙂

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