The End of the World is Nigh.

Today is the last publication day of the now sullied newspaper The News of the World.

It was a newspaper that has been around for 168 years. Now the number 168 in Chinese culture is the number for prosperity. This number sounds like “Pathway of Prosperity” or “Prosperous together” in Chinese. If you ever find a dollar with 168 in the serial number – it’s a keeper! You might see Chinese coin shops selling those dollar bills for a small fortune. I wonder what happens when you abuse the prosperity that this number may hold, is it taken away from you?

The newspaper was first published as The News of the World on 1 October 1843, in London by John Browne Bell.Priced at just three pence (equal to £1.04 today), even before the repeal of the Stamp Act (1855) or paper duty (1861),d] and was aimed directly at the newly literate working classes

People start great projects for good reasons

I think and I think John Browne Bell would of been horrified by what has become of his beloved weekly paper. It’s my personal gripe again sorry ‘big business’ has a need to make vast amount of profit this is at the core of this tragedy. Yes you can blame certain editors and journalists but they are just porns willingly made and used by this business model to maximize profits. You know that when a woman is baring her breasts or selling her jaded story for a fee to a newspaper. It is almost the end of the World. I defend her right to do this but not her choice to. The ‘old school’ mentality that has run this paper into the ground is the core of ‘big business’ at it worst.

We should be all recognizing that we need to become enlightened.

Papers that deal in fear, hate and exploitation aren’t  selling you news they’re selling you the idea that you some how are better where you are. That to aspire to a better existence will have your life examined and ridiculed. If you attain ‘success’ then you are liable to be exploited and should be happy that your life is not made into a ‘circus’. The people that are still defending this papers exploits and I believe them to be few. Have lost their way in some respects. they belong to a group of people who are jaded and think that being compliant for a fee is the way of the world. It isn’t for many thankfully.

We all deserve good news and much shame should be rained down on people who think a newspaper that serves the working classes has to be so morally bereft and dumbed down. We should all be trying to promote good intelligent debate about why we need to have news reported in such a crass way. Do something about better educating the readership of such newspapers. The News of the World has gone but lets hope they replace it with something that isn’t so hard core in it promotion of human misery. Lets hope that this situation has alerted future journalists on the replacement paper that will be launched to the fact that the demographic they have underestimated for years may of morally and intellectually changed.

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