What Are You Going To Do With Your Next 30 Days?

I get so fed up with myself sometimes

the plans I set myself boarder on the ridiculous sometimes. What do you do when you know you are the only one who can make them real? Could of , should of, would of, is no real excuse especially if you value your life. What I do is split things up over 30 days I thought it a good idea and it seems to be working. (Good idea‘s are for sharing, right? : ) If I fall off I don’t berate myself what I’ve undertaken is usually gigantic and if it was just about making money I would of been long done. You should know my views on business which are ‘business is good but good business is better’: )

So I read, practice others peoples views,

take on new ideals like oil on water keeping what works for me. Losing what doesn’t. The only thing this 30 day rule does is firm up ideas and stops you from wasting your time. Don’t get me wrong I am no machine I celebrate being human with all it’s failings. If I want to slack off I do, but make up the time somewhere else. I guess we all do this. I think it’s important to remember your life, the fun you were born to be having. Your talent you were born to save.

Being disciplined helps, but not if your missing birthdays, and potential situations for hugging ; ) Perspective then is a must, no mountains of work is worth missing the joy your life holds for you. Good plans take time to develop so it’s important that you don’t waste it fretting. Do something for you for the next 30 days at least when you look back on them you’ll remember them. Simple things like having lunch with your wife for the next 30 days or not having lunch at your desk. Or meeting your partner for naughty sex in a motel room on a Saturday afternoon when you should be doing some mundane chore. Complete your chores on Sunday instead live your life well, shake things up.

I remember as a kid questioning my mum asking,

“Why we had to have soup for supper on a Saturday evening?” She set the rules why didn’t she mix it up a bit. I found it such a chore, so boring. You’d have a great day knowing it would end with a thin soup with vegetables in it. I always thought Saturday a fish and chips kinf of day. Something naughty unhealthy, alas she didn’t agree. I guess she like most was locked in a thought process of ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’. Why would you do that to your life though, think of all that fun of surprising people who think they know you so well that your ‘locked down’ in a sequence of characteristics they determine are ‘you’. Keep them guessing then you won’t be having that mid-life crisis most people expect from some one who has become ‘tight lipped’ and stuck.

You’re more than what people estimate you to be

, even what you estimate yourself to be. Show yourself that your life can still be as spontaneous as a childs. That your not such a prisoner to routine that every 3o days or so. You can invigorate your days to help you more than appreciate the next 30 days.

The ‘mundane’ sometimes deserves a gentle push towards excitment. From going to work a different route to waking at 5am to write this so I have more time to do something else : )

I hope that helps, give it a go if nothing else it will give you some giggles and after all isn’t that what life is suppose to be offering you, mirth? A nicer way to keep frown lines away from your brow and a better reason for those crows feet. LOL

Thank you for your time please feel free to ‘like’, share and tweet. It would be very much appreciated!

Customer168Service : )


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