How To Create The Correct Circumstances For A Very Good Day : )

I think it is important to start your day in a way that enhances the rest of it.

Classical music is good for this (I find listening to music I wouldn’t normally listen to can be quite soothing) so is comedy, and reading independent intelligent newspapers (if they aren’t too negative in their stance). How you start the day is very important and should not be dismissed because when you go through your front door you could be walking straight into someone-elses drama. That’s why it’s important to have a good breakfast, to take some time when dressing, to appreciate the beginning of another glorious day rain or shine. When you have found a little peace and a few giggles for yourself it takes that bit longer to be drawn into someone elses malaise.

I had a nose bleed from watching this episode of Frasier

because I laughed so much. I can be quite snobbish about certain things as we all can, that’s why I love Frasier. He is a complete ‘duffus’ in his preoccupation of possessing the finer things in life. I don’t know if I’d like him if I knew him but I do have a few friends like him in their attitudes, so maybe. Anyway another day awaits us and I think this will set you up for a real chuckle. I just know that whoever you believe in must have the greatest sense of humour. I know there are plenty of people like Frasier bumbling around in their pomposity in our world. The humour comes from his superior stance and the way everything always go wrong for him. It’s almost like he is karmic-ally zapped for his vanity. There is never, not in one episode I’ve watched an instance where the conclusion is nothing more than some humorous derision at his expense. It’s good it isn’t ‘real’ because it would be horrible if someones life was like this.  The writers have left us with a TV sit-com of quality whose protagonist is a warm, fawning, vain, self conscious, needy and intelligent man. For all his flaws I still wish to watch him first thing in the morning because I know my life is all the better for him.

I’m looking out of my window at the morning sun

and it is a very beautiful day outside. It’s really quiet because people are still sleeping. Just birdsong and the subtle dance of shadows and sun. What I’m taking with me into this new day is the acknowledgement that this day started correctly can create a very beautiful feeling inside of me. That feeling hopefully will not be challenged and I’ll be able to share this good will with others throughout the day.



I hope summer is treating you well, feel free to spread the joy if you find this episode funny. I would be grateful if you ‘liked’ this blog if you do. Thank you for your time and interests.

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