How to Harness and Free Your Creativity?

I don’t know why but my creativity comes to me in big spurts especially when it comes to writing songs. If your like me you’ll know a bike ride or any activity that raises the heart rate will usher in  an idea for something. In my case a song, in yours a painting, a recipe etc. Like Elizabeth Gilbert (I love this lady, she’s great) explains in the clip below it comes in a format of a great deluge of words and melody to me. I can be literally in the shower and a whole song comes, melody lyrics the lot. Excuse this, but for me it is like throwing up. I can’t stop it, that’s why I feel compelled to pursue music because when these songs come so quickly it can only mean I’m meant to pursue it, well to me it does. It isn’t even a question of vanity because if it was, I’d be more known and I guess sitting in a green room waiting to be interviewed about my navel fluff LOL!!. Anyway these songs come, for a while they’d come as the most heart rendering vehicles and it didn’t take long for me to realize I didn’t want to make a living by making our audience cry. I had to get happy, write music that was more positive in it’s outlook. This is not the easy root because I didn’t want to write glib songs about how we have to love each other, too many people doing that, or sad songs about how life is too hard to easy, The world doesn’t need any more of those.

Anyway I’m sensible enough to get myself to a computer and get them down the word always. If you can imagine me sitting at my computer typing ferociously and singing. I sit with the melody for a while and if I can still remember the melody after 8 hours then I write the music. You’ll be hearing most of these on ‘Larkland’s Child’ album. I always attributed this way of writing to good fortune but now it feels like a spirtitual quest. I’ll expalain that comment in another blog but don’t laugh too hard I am not the Joan of Arc of music. Although sometimes with me trying to share the goodness it feels like it, sometimes.

Anyway we all have our way of dealing with our creativity I see it as something I was born to save. If you don’t use it you lose it, and that isn’t happening, so I march forward. With some people looking at me through fish eyes. Others I haven’t even met yet championing me on from the four corners of the world. Taking their gifts seriously because we all have them. Some dismiss them as a whim you have to grow out of. I know mine is partly music because my mum was observant enough to provide with a music room as she watched me write book after book of songs that would just come to me. sitting in corners singing self soothing I think. I take my life seriously, not in the sense that one should do for a living the thing that makes them the most money but leaves them bereft of fulfillment. Seriously in the fact that I do not ignore what makes me happy. I honor and appreciate the things that I choose to do and the people and situations that rock up to support me. I choose me, creativity and my personal happiness, who and what do you choose?

Please feel free to comment, tweet, rate and share, I hope joy is in attendance today remember she needs an open door so invite her in, thank you for your time : )


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