What Are You Going To Believe In Luck, Hope or You?

Success is a funny thing people flock around the people they deemed to have attained something they would like. You can sit in silence for a while but when people think your recognition is coming they are in your face, like a starlet around a millionaire. Sometimes it’s good to be written off, it means people leave you alone. When this happens you have gained the time to concentrate on the projects that mean most to you.  All of these resources I’ve found mostly illustrate the power of your own will. It takes bravery, a good idea and self belief to drive anything forward. Personally I try to take ego out of the equation because whether you want it or not it’s always there so that part of your project doesn’t need to to be promoted. When you have self belief you don’t have anything to prove to anyone. It’s true, being written off can be a good motivator but if that’s your only motivation then you might leave yourself short.  I think it is negative in origin because you are essentially telling yourself that others have more influences on your choices than you do. You may win what you desire, but then what?

Strong people share their tools and weak people tend to think in terms of scarcity so they try not to share anything because they believe if they help you. This somehow takes away from their own talents and opportunities. Silly really, because if you’ve read my other blogs you’ll understand that giving leads to receiving. When I started to share some of the insights here and start Resident168 some friends wrote to me on Facebook to ask “If I was OK?” That’s the kind of society we’ve made in general. one where. You must be failing in someway if you set up a system of sharing and nurturing within your business. I’m telling you it’s the way forward, I’m hoping that when people see that  good will, emotional intelligence and creativity are combined you not only save your life. If your clever, earnest and sincere you just might help others too.

Aren’t people fed up but about thinking just about themselves. It’s true that in everything we do our welfare is caught up in it. Even when you think about others you are in fact thinking about yourself. Remember the difference between being self interested and selfish. I promote success as an individual because great things are always initiated by one person. Yes people turn up along the way but that’s the nature of success on this physical plane it always equates to money, things. That’s all our world understands and accepts about success.

I do believe you can be a successful poor person but I think I may be alone in this. Until people realize and understand many have lived successful lives without the modern trappings we associate with ‘doing well’.  Do you really think there were unsuccessful people before cars, TV’s, airplanes, computers, etc, were invented. Of course there was, you just need to remember that, because having ‘things’ doesn’t make you necessarily successful. If you take ‘stuff, things,’ out of the equation I’ll let you surmise what does?

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