If You Don’t Touch How Do You Expect To Feel?

I’m like a love struck teenager around my good friends I love hugging and would spend most of my time in a coital position if it didn’t make people uncomfortable. Some people I have hugged have been like holding dead weight in my arms they held no real concept of reciprocating.  Maybe the people they chose to love stop reciprocating or just don’t know how to share this free but valuable commodity. Simply you do what you know, if it’s hard for someone to give easy affection. then there will probably be other essential facets to be a warm loving individual which may be lacking.

Action means so much more to me than words but ‘one’ needs to hear ‘I love you’ from people you care about. These words are just as important as a hug because if you don’t touch, then you lose the ability to feel. You become desensitized, look at how many people do not even balk when they read or hear about some hideous crime or event.  A friend told me about this boy in Derby who was coming to terms with his homosexuality and was taunted to throw himself off a very high building. Whilst she was telling me this I started crying at the lack of humanity many of us have. (My sensitivity isn’t about me showing I care more. I feel it’s because I am awake and attuned. It follows that because I laugh easily that I will cry easily.) I’m not surprised we’re told on billboards and in newspapers how to act, what to choose. I’ve mentioned before many of us are giving up our rights to make informed decisions based on the information we find for ourselves. Hugging should be as innate as breathing, when you reach out to someone you show the universe that you are up for people reaching out to you. It isn’t clever not having pets, they teach us how to nurture and how to feel. I wept like a child when my cat Pudding died she was a good friend and the gentlest being I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I love that cat and still cry sometimes when I think about her she was so affectionate that friends lovingly complained about being ‘molested’ by them when they stayed over st mine. She would sneak up on them whilst they slept and kiss and lick them all over. Often they’d awake with her asleep on their chest. She was agoraphobic so I’d carry her around in my bag sometimes so she’d get a sense of the outside world whilst protected by me. Anyway what I’m saying is be ‘Pudding’ she was loving and although with faults like every living being. Her ability to give affection was to me unmatched. I never saw her scratch a living soul or hiss at anything apart from the vacuum cleaner.

Hugging could be made an important way to start your day. don’t just say “good morning” but hug the other person. This would be a great solution to finding out who is your true champion at work. It’s very hard to hug someone you have been acting like a pig towards behind their back. A genuine hug might even foster camaraderie in the work place and make you think twice about mistreating someone. Any action that keeps you attached to a good or better outcome seems to me more than an essential way of starting  and ending your day.

Remember when you don’t touch you don’t feel, and if there’s no one around to hug then hug yourself. Even this will send you the kind of reassurance that you are worth while you are loved and even if it hasn’t manifested yet. Well, simply it’s on it’s way if you believe it is.

Jump Crowd Disgusts Police Boss

Remember to smile when hugging it’s send warmth and love to all involved! Thank you for your time.

Big cyber hugs : )


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