Change Your World, 21st Century Enlightenment : )




There must be room inside our business world for  more ethical, nurturing systems to be put in place.

I have worked in places which purport to have a nurturing and supportive infrastructure. Whilst in fact what lies at the belly of this big business is fear. With everybody showing teeth but there is definitely no warmth there in those glassy eyes, no twinkle or sincerity either. Personally I give situations like this short shift. You have to know in your heart that the hostile situations you face at work are just people with self perpetuating fear. If you choose to become entangled in someone else ‘drama’ then what your doing is making their fear, your fear.

I recently worked with a girl that I showered with kindness and she spent all of her time bitching about me,

creating divisions. She wanted my job, but in truth it could never be hers. I watched this girl stir up a hornets nest of resentment so instead of being in a good situation of making potential friends I was left with some people who tactically befriended me. All out of fear, I watched this girls karma play havoc I think I her life. I’m not saying it had anything to do with me or her actions but it was interesting that she got knocked of her bike had all her teeth smashed out. Lost a couple of relatives and every time something awful happened to her.  It was me that got up and comforted her wiped her tears, gave her constructive advice. Still she’d kept on, this is when I learned that some people just see their own needs and just aren’t self involved (in a good way) enough to place their actions with the results that blossom in front of them. Hard skinned, she was like a rhino with thrush LOL!!.

Anyway she’s gone from my life now, (thankfully still alive) I dare say to bring some of that wonderful warmth she’s developing to some other undeserving soul. My point is she was so ‘old school’ in her perception of how she could succeed at work/life. What we need to address is the world we are now all in charge of changing, is our own daily lives. You want a better world try and be a ‘better’ person’ we all know intrinsically what is morally the best way to behave. With kindness, self belief, empathy and emotional intelligence. We can if we all choose make a much finer situation for all of us.

When you start your business think about your customers first, not your profits. Think about all you have to give and share not what you will gain. Starting a business with a fear base concept of we need to make lots of money or undercutting others is not enlightened. A good example of the old world versus new world is the TV program ‘Deal or no deal’ where you have to choose a box with a fortune in it. That program is enthralling to me, not because I like to watch people go home empty handed or sell their box and themselves short (Old world lack of faith model). I watch it sometimes because the people who win the most, make a decision and stick to it. Simple, self belief, and a commitment to what they desire.(new world) I also like watching the energy as everyone in the audience wills the person to win big. Getting ‘something for nothing’ is about the only time the human race is in complete harmony, so funny isn’t it?

This is the doorway below love it!!!!

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