How To Make Frustration Your Friend? : )

When you become frustrated

what you are doing is setting up circumstances that make it harder for you. If your plucky and bright you do something else for a while and then have another go. If your not you keep on and let your frustrations grow. It’s hard to believe that a feeling of frustration can be a positive experience but I’m sharing the fact with you that it is.

I often find that when you feel like all is lost just go for a bike ride, watch a film, or have a nap because often times you get little flashes of inspiration that set you off an a new path to the solution you’ve been wrestling with. It happens to me all the time and, I’ve learned to feel the frustration and take it as a sign that eventually all things will come good.

Simply frustration boiled down,

is worry which when examined is just fear. Negatives can be positives then? No but they can be the gate way to positive solutions. Don’t be so invested in all you can do alone on a mundane level sometimes those hardships are Providences way of showing you a better route. Perhaps by sending you some inspiration, insight from a colleague or friend. It works for me, so when you next feel the rage rising as you stare at your computer screen whilst working. Think to yourself I need to distract myself from my frustration by doing something else. I know that in my next decision or task what I need will come to me. Learn to have some faith in the part of your life you cannot see or touch but non the less is there to support you. Don’t believe me, well I know there’s a challenge in their somewhere?

The girl in this clip is ‘plugging’ on with her frustration

tapping her firmly on the shoulder. You will laugh, but the underlying message I think is. Plugging away doesn’t make frustration your friend. It just makes you more, ooh what’s the word, oh yeah F R U S T R A T E D!!

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