How To Learn From Wisdom?

You should already know we think it’s important

and good to laugh.  To send those bubbles of joy upwards. I don’t really like laughing at other people unless they wittingly set the joke up. It sometimes can be seen as bullying but for the most part a good giggle keeps you ‘geed’ up so it’s important to find material that makes you giggle. That’s why I love Norman Wisdom Films because he always acts the fool, but he never is. It always turns out well for him in the end. His characters are always plucky and they never give up. Even though he tends to irritate everybody else around him, really funny. Norman’s like a child that needs your attention. People seem to get irritated with him because they are in a hurry and never wants to give him. their attention. They mistakenly judge his clothes and demeanor as inferior and by the end of the film you love him more because of it.

We all of us have these traits in us in one way or another,

and I like to watch him because I love all the against the odds stuff that he always over comes. I have often felt like him. Trying to sing but all sorts of obstacles rock up to get in my way.  For instance, writing songs the music too and other telling me that they’ve written the song because they placed 2 chords on it. Publishers telling me to write like other people  (and if I did then the song I would sing for the rest of my life would always be in the style of someone else). People make a very healthy living that way in fairness but it depends on what you want for yourself. All sorts of examples of people trying to claim stuff that quite frankly wasn’t theirs. We are all creative but you must find experiences to conjure up some strength of character to sing your song, bake your bread or design your building.

Here’s are some clips for all of us who feel like I did.

Norman Wisdom life is a ‘beacon of hope’ someone who ‘chanced his arm’ and showed it was important not to be afraid of humiliation, don’t give up. People will help you they always do, someone, somewhere will support your business ideas. Play guitar if you ask, introduce you to just the right casting agent. This from someone who was painfully shy about performing who got plucked up by Morcheeba and given the safe opportunity of finding my voice in front of thousands of people. Those of you who know me know that I could never just sing. All of who I am is wrapped up in the things I do daily. From these articles. my designs, what I read and watch the lyrics and music I write. All of it is so Motel168 I now couldn’t be anybody-else.

When you watch these clips it’s interesting to see how Norman Wisdom life unfolds. He had pitfalls but providence, his will and ability to choose better circumstances for himself. Literally led him from the gutter to the becoming a celebrated 20th Century artist. We can all do this I believe, and sometimes being anywhere but rock bottom might be a dis-service to you because it’s the attitude of having nothing to lose which often saves most people.


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