Elizabeth Villani: Awakening Your Belief System (6)

This little lady makes good sense and her words and exercises make everything easier to understand as a route to your self belief.  All I can say is this is all about your choice it’s nothing you have to tell anyone about, you don’t have to prove anybody wrong because it’s all your choice. If you’re reading this, then maybe your ‘looking’ for something more? More love, more money,more fulfillment, more of everything, more of you : )

Sometimes the most important thing is to listen because when your heart and ears are open then what ushers in is the spiritual ‘truth’. If you’re listening and feeling irritated your not ready yet? If you look around you, listen to the people you have chosen to support you, do they mirror the things in your life you are not actually unhappy with? I know I’ve sat with people in the past and it made me feel really sad. In my eyes they were awful, not bad, but so mean spirited, hostile that I literally fled. I remember praying that I would find more like minded people because I had chosen to sit with people I was conditioned to be use to. In simplicity I was choosing my extended family over and over again in various forms. I only began to realize this when I heard them interact with their own families. Siblings can be mean to each other and you can often tell where you’d like to sit by how your friends communicate with their families and how they talk about them and the stories they tell.

We all deserve love but first you need to estimate whether the love you have been receiving is good in origin. You many ask “How could love be bad” I know it sounds odd but many people do bad things to people they know in the name of love. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop them from breeding and it gets passed on and on through generations. Leaving ‘mankind’ with a cauldron of emotionally retarded individuals who have learned that self protection is the path. They stop at nothing in defending themselves when they realize that ‘love’ equals pain. Some even decide to stay in a bad situation just because they believe the rest of the world is like this. That love is fiction and they do not deserve better, so they assist in being the stupid younger brother by staying the stupid younger brother. The floozy aunt who is a riot when she’s drunk. (Please fill in with your own examples.)

It’s important to be vulnerable because when you are what ushers in are solutions. Never be afraid of ‘feeling’ because if you are capable of feeling bad, then you are capable of feeling good. You have to know you have to choose good because feeling bad is the feeling that is initially triggered by interaction with some people in your life. (People you know and people you don’t, like the ‘lady who just slammed the door in your face when she saw you coming. The boss who doesn’t pay you your wages because it’s been a quiet week in sales and tells you your complaints aren’t the type of team spirit he’s interest in, just before he gets in his Bimmer and goes home, YUK!!

We will never eradicate some behavior from society because some have decided that pain is the only way to feel, some even find comfort in it. It assures them that every unkindness metered out by them makes them a ‘winner. Therefore someone who is destined for the top : ( They sure as hell are not going to get through the day without making their misery yours. Yes it’s horrible but your feelings will save you when you realize. People do choose to be mean but you do not have to. You can quietly acknowledge them and if you don’t value your life, try and change them. I suggest seeking your own joy first and if you think you’ve got extra time then perhaps do something about there’s. : )

If you are an intuitive person you’ll realize that what you feel others feel and you’ll want to stop the negative pay offs. You’ll want the ‘love’ some sing about in song, great literature is based upon, because you’ll know this is your birthright You’ll recognize that when you change your internal script by making it positive. What you are in fact doing is saving your life. It doesn’t serve you to be to be negative ‘like attracts like’. You want the best, then be the best?

I’ve placed all the these together because I think in her intelligence and self love she has happened upon solutions to help you become happier and is sharing tools to enable that. Like I said there is no gun to your head, you’re free to do as you please. Happiness sometimes requires you to kick down doors. You should know by now that joy is a guest that requires and open door.

If your looking for a quick fix then perhaps you’ll find it here. Letting go, waking up then becoming excited about the rest of your life. Nothing is ever wasted it’s all bought you to here.

Thank you for your time : )


One thought on “Elizabeth Villani: Awakening Your Belief System (6)

  1. a very good exercise for self-review… me too has some negative attitudes, negative beliefs and negative thoughts, this video reminding me the words of my Buddhist friend who taught me to divert my mind into positives every time that I recognize some negatives in me. thanks for sharing 🙂

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