What’s the Best Way To Motivate You?

What if you were your own worst enemy? Lets suppose that what you wanted was so easy to get but your self belief was so diminished that you gave up before trying.  What if you had very good friends who completely supported you but had no good advice for you when you needed it? What if everything you planned made perfect sense but you were still unsure if it was going to work out or not? What if you had to choose between a job that you disliked and starting something new that had no guarantees of success but you still felt like it was viable and going to happen?

We all feel like this at sometimes. Some people are timid that they plan and plan for years and still do not put their plans into action. It’s almost like it is enough just to think that it might work. Well we all have to have a leap of faith, and to the victor the spoils. You would think that this would be enough to motivate people to go ahead with their plans but alas some still do not.

In the clip below they illustrate that most crumble when left to their own devices when the reward is just monetary and they have what seems like a lot of responsibility placed on them. I think the best motivation is finding something you like doing that you are good at and can master easily. There are many in this world that found wealth and fulfillment because they decided that their passion was their motivation. If they have, then I think so can you.

Thank you for your time : )


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