How To Find The Self Belief In You? (5)

Aren’t you fed up of living in someones dream.

Don’t you want to release in your life the things you know should be yours to own? Don’t you want to actually believe you are good enough? When are you going to accept you are not born to suffer? Why is it that people choose the mundane when the world offers you everything you desire? Questions, questions, questions, baby it’s time to wake up, that hand gently shaking you to open your eyes well that’s me and many others in our world. Nobody loves a know it all, because everybody wants to believe they are steering ‘the ship’ called their lives themselves.

I cannot stop myself from getting excited

at some of the information I share with you because they are all keys and no matter how I suggest you listen, read, watch. The door to you, to your suite, and your fulfillment cannot be opend by anyone but you. I think when people aren’t fulfilled they are mean spirited so I’m hoping that the people that find these resources are looking to find answers for their own happiness. To perhaps start to question why having a house, 2 kids etc are not fulfilling you as much as you thought they would.

If you’re happy, then that’s great!!!

: ) but I still think you can gain more. Actually it’s the one thing you can be greedy about because you can never have enough information to support your growth. It’s time to wake up then, or help show the people you love how to? If you consciously promote joy in others lives then you gain. I’m sitting here smiling because my ‘give’ is not just my give alone. I’m happy in the knowledge that there are plenty of people in the world doing the same, when I’m a sleep someone somewhere is writing their positive truth, making clips for YouTube, attending seminars. Doing in their individual way something to help us all gently wake up. Doing something in their own way to help us find joy because joy is a guest who needs an open door.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please feel free to like, share and comment

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