“Passion And Anger Is Always The Overall Aura of Someone Who Has The Moral Authority”

We don’t like sharing hysterical, fear driven information

but sometimes I happen upon something I think should be shared. I wish people when passionate about a subject wouldn’t shout. It makes them seem like loonies and if you ask me they fall straight into the hands of the people they are trying to warn us about about. Simply they sound like ‘fruit loops’ LOL. It’s  a shame for this guy Alex Jones in the clip but I do understand that when you are passionate, you do shout, cry etc. Now there is a lot of information spewed at us in this clip and if you can listen pass his fear and concentrate on what he’s actually saying then if you have children it might be good for you to listen to him.

He’s estimates we are asleep and if your slowly waking up then there are a few skills you should be implementing in your child rearing and life.  Showing your children how to grow plants from seed, how to propagate them too. Take them to a city farm or on an actual farming holiday would be great. Show them farming animals so they understand how we rear our meat and how to nurture them? Give them something to look after, a pet because when you do not grow up looking after something. I think it keeps you spiritually and physically removed from other beings. There’s a reason most people place their parents in homes and purely out of self interest you should want your children to grow up understanding how to be nurturing and the merit of replenishing.

Buy secondhand books using a Kindle has carbon emissions so that’s not cool.

There is enough information here. Buy old cookery books use the recipes to show your children what love is. How the effort and love you pour into your activities benefits them and others. Show them how to preserve fruit and vegetables, show them how to make cheese, make bread, show them how to pass this love down to their kids.

Switch the TV off there is nothing there except sadness and dissatisfaction.

choose to stream or watch films that uplift you,  share wonderful stories of hope, love and overcoming unhappiness. (These films keep you buoyed up and are good tool to help you self realize faith) Old films that have some moral fiber to them like ‘12 Angry Men‘ films that have common sense coming to the fore. A few ‘soaps are OK but do not let your kin get addicted to them, it does not edify them, the moral conclusions drawn aren’t discussed by you. They belong to a writer who is writing a script to make a living and to make entertainment.

Show them how to hand wash garments so they appreciate the inventions that have been made to make all our lives easier. Read by candle light sometimes so they understands how their forefathers felt. Make them tired and satiated from planting, baking, harvesting, horse riding, sewing, sailing, knitting anything that gives them a true life skill. Do not throw away the Nintendo but do not let this machine become your child’s only device for fulfillment. If the guy in the clip is ‘right’, teaching and mentoring your child to be self sufficient and optimistic by nature might be the greatest gift you can bestow on them.

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5 thoughts on ““Passion And Anger Is Always The Overall Aura of Someone Who Has The Moral Authority”

  1. very informative post…. thanks for sharing 🙂 i believe that all good things and moral values are basically we learned from home so the parents should be aware and guide their children properly and be a good example to them, too.

  2. It’s difficult to teach the parents in the first place, it’s just like that we cannot bend the old trees. Maybe it can help if we have a local community organization that could help and look upon them to become good parents. By then they will be personally informed and guided properly how to raise their children with virtues and honour. Next to them are school teachers, sometimes the children are more believing and obeying their teachers than their parents. We should have great teachers for them. 🙂

    1. Thank you Rei I agree, some sort of agency that would help parents or just people in general to understand their motivations, when angry, or upset. Perhaps to help them address some of the things that may of happen to them in their own lives. Perhaps finding people who are skilled at fostering, exceptional teachers who understand how to motivate children. It’s a really big subject the only thing I feel is that if something is made it should not be govt run. It ought to be something accessible to all, rich or poor so they have a platform on which to discuss their concerns about child rearing, and learn the best ways to encourage good will in their families and communities. I also think kids are pretty smart and often times they have good solutions. ‘You’ do what you know, so if ‘we learn better systems of nurturing hopefully we’ll all do better : )

      1. that’s right, it should be non-gov’t organization 🙂 they are more efficient and sincere to serve people.

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