Where Do Good Idea’s Come From?

I think all of us have good idea’s by the second.

Some act on them and some don’t. Helping to start this motel was an amalgamation of me and others wanting to to do something that would help people. Have us  feeling creatively fulfilled and place us in a good situation to meet like minded people. To live your life to make a difference just to yourself I think could be a wasted life, so it’s vital ‘one’ reaches out, it’s vital people find the inner strength to choose joy. You can always tell if you have a good idea you only have to tell 6 friends and if they smile initially, I like it when they tell you what you mean it helps clarify and proves that the idea is a simple one. The good ones normally are quite simple me thinks?

I just woke up one day and decided to initiate this.

It has been a process of thinking, talking, getting exasperated with people, trying to fit into the ‘normal’ mold people say is the ‘right thing to do. Slowly realizing that the mold wasn’t right for me. then sitting down and making a plan and pretty much sticking to it. Good Idea‘s aren’t a rarity I honestly believe we all have millions a day but some simply do not act on them. In the clip he says it takes time and believe me your friends do get fed up with you because it hasn’t happened as quickly as they’d like. I know everything goes forward and with grace things happen when they are suppose to, so never worry. (That just puts lines on your face : )

I carry a note book with me sometimes

because I deal with words and I know I have to have a way of recording them. Some are rubbish and some are hopefully not. Anyway below is another more lucid person who explains it much better than I could.

It’s funny Philip and I wrote ‘Tall Stories Big Lives’ our Debut album over lots of cups of coffee, and smoothies. The narrator in the clip below makes a lot of sense, good idea’s are honed. You have an idea then it takes time to turn it into a gem.

Thank you for your time and interest

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