What To Do When The Only Choice Is You?

Some people ask me why am I always so happy?

For me it’s simple, I appreciate what I have and I understand the merit of simplicity. I’m sensible to place high regard on small gestures and simple sunsets. I know joy has to live within you to find it in others. Some people make it very hard to keep this up, but I know its just fear that has them perplexed. I’m not saying I do not have the same worries what I’m saying is that I do not have the same worries that often. I’ve learned they do not serve me.

The information I’ve found has proven

that there are many in this world who are tired of the old systems of fear and self loathing. Recent environmental, economical changes have proven the the old ways of doing things do not work. It cannot all be about striving for a materialist enriched existence when our world suffers because of it. There has to be some balance I feel the need to share these clips and lectures because at the base of them all is the message. Love is everything and if you respect yourself and understand the ‘way’ you realize any other stance is pure stupidity. Thinking your way out of your malaise is what’s needed. Some simply need to wake up, not to religion, but to intelligent esoteric and physical science. When you realize there is science based material that will explain the route of ‘harmony’. What you gain from following this route and how much better you fair in your existence.

There is no conspiracy and if there is so what?

What matters is now, today how you choose to go forward. If there are a group of people who have all the wealth and conduct our lives secretly. They may have the resource to make our physical lives worst or better what they do not have is your will. When you choose you, choose your path, choose to share the best of you then you have something they may want to break but cannot without your consent. That gift is your spirit/will, your power, your birthright. Please don’t throw this away by not thinking and finding information that will set you on a path to self realization your freedom from self doubt. When you do find information and make a clear decision to make your life easier, then you do and become what you were born to be a happy person.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please feel free to share, like and comment

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