Where’s There A Will There’s A Way

I have written, researched the net & books and posted lots in an effort to collate resources to help make your life easier, to bring you the tools to find the faith, and self belief you need to elevate yourself to the place you’d like to be. Believe it all not we all desire the same things and no matter where we start or how we protest, or how much we drink, eat, have sex, hide we  ALL do. Our needs are the ultimate equation but I’m afraid you won’t find the joy you deserve until you decide that you might not have all the answers IF ANY. Until you decide to let go of some of the insights and truths that you were conditioned with, until you decide that the comfort you seek will come from no one else but you. Only then when you decide to create your own belief system based on love will you attain the peace and sense of calm that sitting on a hot rock in the middle of an azure sea looking back at the place you swam from will you bring.

You may ask why am I doing this? I want to make a positive difference to you and myself? My desire is purely self interested, I know that if you find these insights and efforts helpful you’ll become my friend and I will have gained what we are all born to receive ‘respectful’ love. That’s all I have for you, because I know when you achieve happiness our world will become happier and then in turn we will, because we are part of it.   I’m finding and sharing ‘intuitive truths’ in esoteric science, finding stimulating ideas that embrace our physical world that if examined and chosen by you, will set you free from our fear conditioned reality.

People want to change the world, save this planet, save our seas. I think it is more important to change the people on it and the only way ‘one’ can do that is by making them see a clearer path to their own joy and fulfillment. It is impossible to hate if you are happy the two feelings can not be sustained at the same time, so lets concentrate on the thoughts and actions that brings you joy, your happiness.

In order to attain that you have to let go of ‘ex pec ta tioneeee LOL’ 

–noun1. the act or the state of expecting: to wait in expectation.

2. the act or state of looking forward or anticipating.

3. an expectant  mental attitude: a high pitch of expectation.

from some of the negative people and situations in your life. (You’ll know by the way they make you feel. Before you go and fling away every good association you’ve ever made away. THINK, do you feel bad because deep down you intuitively know they might be saying some of the internal truths you intuitively recognize, you’ll need to brave but more importantly honest with yourself)

You may want to build a bird house with your dad (that’s  your ‘expectation’) and be upset if he refuses. This does not mean he doesn’t care for you it just means he has no expectations of you. This is loving because he obviously feels secure in his love for you he has no expectations because he ‘accepts’ everything about you. You may want people you use to know and love to just leave you alone but it’s your ‘expectation’ you have to learn to take responsibility for your choices people hate to be left. Will never accept that they may be unsavory to you so will always make you an enemy. It is always easier to hate someone than love them but this emotion does not serve you because ‘like attracts like. 

Here’s the twist, if you believe you are strong you will also attract weak people who will try to ‘bash you down’ because everybody weak and strong in their ego wants to be ‘right’ and EVERYBODY invites situations that has them having to defend their beliefs or intellectual stances. This really is my pet hate because this choice of being ‘right’ doesn’t serve you either. If your turning up with ‘headphones on’ and trying to have a conversation, then your really not hearing /learning very much, anyway I’m babbling, simply.  LET IT GO. (Please understand I’m also not condoning you following my lead either, I’m definitely not saying ‘I’m right’ and this is the way, my way. What I’m suggesting is that if you look inward and find your own truth based in love then you cannot help happening on a few of the same thoughts I have arrived at. Basically life is kind of short so lets get on with having a nice time together, especially as the world seems to be so f****ed up there maybe not so much time left to ring the joy out of little existence. More giggles and warmth less hate and arguing to be ‘right’).

Yes, it’s important to desire things but I suggest you start trying to ‘control’ the things you truthfully have full control over, your thoughts. To illustrate this, think of a situation with someone good or bad and how you resolved it. Did the same situation occur with someone else further on? Did you laugh or cry examining why this keeps happening/repeating to you? I suggest it is because you chose it, when you do not listen to yourself or instinct, one consciously grabs for what is familiar (the conditioning).

I’m waiting for the time when you are ready to choose you, because that is when you’ll be ready to ‘sail your own boat’. Without any bodies approval, except your self belief, intuition and emotional intelligence to guide you.

You deserve joy, all the good stuff but first you have to believe your worth it, then proactively choose it, then socially promote it.

“If the universe gives you everything good and bad remember. ‘Like attracts like’.  It’s your ego that invites opposition. stop projecting your desire to be ‘right’ and just ‘sail your own boat’. Learn to have more faith more self belief because these are the qualities that serve you best.”

Thank you for your time : )


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