Keep Meanest Behind Glass

I enjoy laughing everyone knows its really good for you

so I enjoy finding something to giggle at first thing in the morning. I think if you start the day with a smile it’s probably the way you’ll end it.

My friend Andrew questions some of the things I like to watch and the following episode is a good example. He says that I am spiritual and a bit of a ‘goody two shoes’ but the things I like watching are negative and tend to have people behaving from there most basic of instincts. I guess he’s right but I think it’s funny to watch it, as it is fiction. I also think it’s better to watch it as there is a lot of truth in humour and as long as I don’t actually know people who behave like this then it’s OK? Who am I kidding? : /

I have witnessed some couples behaving less than lovingly

towards each other and I just have to say it isn’t nice to witness. Someone was telling me about a couple he lived upstairs from and he said that the girl friend was a ‘fishwife’. Who when arguing with her boyfriend would chase him down the street shouting after him, hideous behavior. He said it reminded him of his parents then I asked if they were still together and they are.

Relationships are complex

and people choose to stay in them based on, need, loneliness, love I hope, but in between the bliss there are times when it’s acceptable to be hideous and punish someone else because you feel bad? I still don’t really understand why people put up with it but they do and will for all time, I guess. Personally hostility isn’t my way forward, so I say keep it on the TV and out of my day to day relationships because I ultimately have the choice to switch the ‘box’ off. Until then another funny but hideous TV couple who you know, always end up doing the right thing which is what’s good about TV comedies LOL : )

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