Life is Sweet

I’ve woken up with a spring in my step

the sun always does that for me, hopefully you too. A smile has been playing on my lips for a couple of hours already and I can’t see it disappearing any-time soon. Does that ever happen to you explicable joy? Well today I can’t think of a better song to sum this up than one of our off our yet to be released  début urban album ‘Tall stories Big Lives’. I love this song because it’s so damn truthful and optimistic, kind of beats all the dancing in the club crapolla most urban songwriters seem to be invested in at the moment, (even if I do say so myself  : )

Anyway today I thought I’d  share a little

of our joy hope you hear it and believe it because your life is sweet you just need to remember that. From The Queen of England to Brad Pitt to Mrs Naggersaki (possibly your grumpy neighbour) we all have good and off days. Sometimes you need bad stuff to happen to appreciate the good stuff that also happens. We all must try to find the time to sit back and enjoy each day we might neglect.

Thank you for your time : )



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