Switch Your Light On : )

During Earth Hour on Sat March 26th 2011 at 8.30pm the organization below is asking us to turn lights off which is good. Many of us I feel need to switch our emotional lights on. It has been proven over and over again that we are like leaves on the breeze. Adversity striking at any moment and some of us look ‘glassy eyed’ at others plight and feel nothing because they feel it doesn’t relate to them and their lives. It’s easy to stand and watch with empathy too but there is so much more we can do than give money. We can start to ask ourselves why this happened? Then do something to change it.

When you examine the reasons why you think we are in the environmental situation? The only conclusion you can come to is to ask yourself what can I do? It’s so huge I know, I often feel helpless but some response is better than no response at all. The clips below mirror a sentiment I feel should be shared by most.  It makes me smile because I know if more people listen and understand how they personally will benefit out of sheer self interest something good will happen to us and our planet. We know there is much beauty here and we need to nurture our world. As I don’t believe she is seeing the beauty in us. As we foster good will and become respectful guests then we might with a positive attitude and re-addressed ideals come to realize we have been given a huge opportunity to show some love to ourselves and this planet.

If you do want or have children do you really want to imagine them or yourself in the future? Running from danger in some awful environmental eruption. Yes I know it’s easy to say “I may not be here so I don’t care?” I think you’ll find it’s maybe a selfish attitude and a complete lack of empathy that has led to this situation we’re now all in. The most self interested thing to do with your life is to give a damn about our planet. If not stay fit and keep good trainers around you because you may need them. Blink, and the future is here!

Making a positive change is an individual give you cannot worry about the whole world what you must do with that fear worrying develops.  Trade your worry in for faith. Worrying will not make a positive difference but knowing that there are others like you who are committed to bettering their lives by perhaps following the advice below well that’s got to make you smile. You should know by now that a smile is always good for everyone because the best universal currency is joy and the more you give the more you receive. Best interest in the world me finks!!!

Thank you for your time : )


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