Your Perfect Day!

I think I’m giving the impression of being professionally earnest. What arrogance you might say Lol I don’t blame you. That isn’t what I’m doing here but I do understand why some might think that. For those of you out there who are happy then that’s what I desire. As I know that when you are, it sends out positive ripples to all of us.  I feel spiritually exhausted  by watching the news, I feel utterly helpless and if any one is as fond of the Far East as I am you must feel these people who are handling themselves with so much dignity. Well I think it’s awful that they should to continue to suffer in this way.

I don’t know why we should all have to go through bad situations but we do and probably always will do. All we can is to fight back by seeking joy and the best way of doing that is laughing I feel. When we laugh we send a powerful statement to the universe that we are so ‘up’ for receiving joy. In that spirit here is an episode of

The Phil Silvers Show : ))

which I think will make you laugh. He’s a funny guy Phil Silvers and this episode is really funny. I pondered what would happen if this was your perfect day and you didn’t know it? It’s funny that the first thing he chooses to do is to make money, which I guess most of us would do.

Anyway hope it makes you laugh it’s very old school but funny is funny, right?

Thank you for your time : )


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