I Will Follow You : )

I find it quite interesting that the whole world has switched onto to Twitter. I know it works because I make the effort to reply to people who contact me and visa-verse although briefly some times, there is some kind of connection. Some people set up their accounts to automatically send you a message which is thoughtful but there is a problem a little one but  one never the less. If they don’t follow you back then you can’t contact/reply to them. At it’s simplest level it kind of mirrors some of the questions I have raised here on this motel168 blog. It’s people’s in-ability to give when it costs them nothing that is shown up on this Twitter platform. It’s humanities preoccupation with self that is most high lighted, the lack of humility, generosity and graciousness is astounding but I figure these qualities just aren’t of value for many.

Some people set up a Twitter account as a vanity you can always tell who these people are because their followers are always substantially more than the people they follow. What you can tell about these people before you even send ‘reply to message’ is that they are not going to receive your message. As you have to be following back somebody in order to converse with them. I ask myself what is the point of joining a great platform such as Twitter when all you want from it is the kudos of having millions of followers that you never converse with. I know your saying so they will read your tweets but unless you individually send a message to each and every follower your funk will be lost in the deluge of others mind talk because believe me everybody is navel gazing, Lol.

In order to make this platform work you have to communicate at least sometimes in a humane manner. It’s all very well asking people to like you on Facebook or look at your website but if this is only one way traffic? It is not going to work, and if it does what value is there when you contact members and they don’t know who you are or what your about? We believe communication is key but that’s just us. If you use Twitter selfishly it is like not valuing your time x effort = life because you may get millions of followers but they’ll never know who you are. Maybe that’s what most people want a popularity validation they can use socially but I’m sitting here with my hand raised to ask the question, why? Is your self worth helped by having lots of followers who you do not follow back? If your answer is yes then I’d like you to ask yourself why?

Courtesy is a very good habit to embrace in your daily life and the people who do not understand that this is one of the smallest gives are missing out on something very important. I keep banging on about this and hopefully you’ll be understanding this.

If you action the process of giving in your daily life, the universe always gives you back more. This starts from a smile, a positive blog, a friendly compliment, an opened door, the list is endless. I’m not asking people to give away their money, all I can say is you can tell a lot about a person by the number of people they follow on Twitter. Even before you go to their site, listen to their mixes or read their blogs. They’ve told you it’s all about them and if this sits fine with you then, OK.

Don’t un-follow these people taking your give back is just harmful to you. Hopefully they’ll get there by themselves when we all hit 20 million followers that aren’t listening to anyone. In a nutshell what I’m basically saying is, give a lot and perhaps allow yourself to receive in kind. Share your time, love, thoughts, smiles anything positive you’d like to have in your life. Remembering it may not come back from the people you gave it to but it will come back : )

When somebody follows you on Twitter remember there give to you is like shining a light into a massive sparkling clean mirror. It will come back to them at some point. You ask why you should worry about it? You don’t have to it’s just you kind of miss out on the party. It would be nice if you followed back because then you’d be co-operating and connecting and showing the universe (even in this small way) you are happy to be involved in the universal laws of giving. The way I see it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if you do it for a week something good is bound to happen because the universe abhors sadness. I know most do not believe this but read our blog on suffering which further explains this topic.

Thank you for your time : )


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