Libya and Egypt’s Fight is our Fight!

Connected to you

The world is going through rather distressing situations,

environmentally (Australia, New Zealand and more recently Tokyo) and politically but I feel the conclusion will be the same in both issues. There is going to have to be a constructive effort on all our parts. It isn’t some God like retribution it’s just the conclusion of what happens when these situation have been pulled so taut that they giggle around hazardously for balance. You cannot exploit the earth taking good stuff out for our survival and pleasure and then pack it with plastic and other environmental waste and not expect little pockets of environmental rebellion to happen. If we are all connected spiritually (as I believe we are) and there are people sick to death of their plight in Libya and Egypt? Doesn’t it follow that our planet might respond the same. Rebelling seems to be the name of the game and it’s a good thing because without some conflict you cannot arrive at solutions that benefit the whole hopefully bringing about positive not negative change.

I must say that I was surprised about Egypt

they were all fighting together for one aim and with that resolved they have started fighting about religion, doh!  I’m speculating it is some kind of governmental procedure to re-balance power. As fighting about God is silly as all popular religions are based in love. Human beings are so concerned with being ‘right’ we are even prepared to die for it? Haven’t we learned anything? This situation is not going to change unless we agree that whatever God we choose is based in love and it is our will that has people forcing each other to choose their way. Christians say God gave us free will and that’s why we’re here to learn. Then why is it that we humans always want to bend each others free will. I say “You do you and I’ll do me” but I guess you have to be respectful of peoples differences and unfortunately fearful and weak people always want to be the same. always want to be right, seeing independence as something to be feared. They sometimes cling to the popular view because we all know there is strength in numbers. I’m not surprised as we’re conditioned not to trust and when you try to stand for good it is looked upon suspiciously.

Just wear white after labour day another ritual some follow

that nobody knows who started but many follow religiously without question. There it is then ‘the question’? The question I think we should be asking ourselves is what would a loving God do about all of these terrible situations. Would he, she or it punish us as some think?I don’t think so, as a good parent he might make us live with the consequences of our actions. She might pay us no mind and concentrate on trying to fix the world she created first as we are only guests after all. It might think it is what it is lets see what they do with this problem they’ve made? Who knows I just think we need to ask the question and then follow through with the answer. We cannot action any of this until people understand that fighting is not the march forward (I do understand it is important to throw out despots who it appears have no love for anyone except themselves and their vainities) We need loving fighting action that is respectful and nurturing in our daily lives because if we do not start to address each other in a mode that is more emotionally intelligent. It all will remain the same with people thinking they are somehow outside the problem. You desire a sweeter life then understand you have to become a sweeter person. This entails placing your Armour down and listening with your heart because when you hear a spiritual truth it brings you peace.

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