Good Deeds Across The Country

Ordinary people achieving extraordinary things, I think if we all did something little each day for someone a big positive difference could be made to everyone involved. This thought is nothing new there are people all over the world achieving sweet and giving situations that benefits others. I wish they had more of a voice. I’d love to watch the news that was built up of good news, I don’t understand why no TV station see’s the merit in this idea. Good news shouldn’t be a segment at the end a news broadcast.

You see films like Ghostbuster which has New York taken over by monsters or ghosts and the only way to get rid of them is for the citizens to sing or do something that lifts peoples spirits. The same in the film ‘Elf’ where they all start singing in Time Square I think to raise the the goodwill so Santa’s sleigh can fly home or carry on delivering presents. I know these are fiction but what if that sentiment is just what we need in these unsettling times? What if watching good things happening in our world fosters good things happening in your personal world? What if we saw that there are lots of ordinary people doing things for others because they feel like you and I do and desire positive change?

The people in this clip are ordinary and like you and I desired to do something worthwhile. Apathy is no good we do need to fight for our right to remain humane. If you watch this clip glassy eyed thinking and feeling outside of their efforts. Then you’re missing the point. We are all in this together there is no point in being nostalgic for times gone by when apparently people cared for their neighbor and each other. You still can, make a difference. It’s simple, if you desire to be cared for then you have to be invested in caring for others. The care may not come back from the people you gave it to but it will come back to you possibly from a better source.

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