How To Develop Faith In You

I use to be the worlds worst worry wart.

Some may of looked at me and think me self assured, I wasn’t. What I am is brave because my fear made me do things because I feared not doing them. I know right, Lol a bit nuts but I have a feeling a lot of people will be acting like this now. We all intrinsically know what is right for us and as many have lost faith in God/Universe (or whatever), the government and friends. In a round about way we’ve come back to us. The beginning,

!!!! you! ❤☆。•*¨*•。☆❤ (((YOU)))

█▬█ █ ▀█▀ THAT SELF LOVE b▒u▒t▒t▒σ▒n NOW !!!! : )❤

Yes it has been a journey

but if your thinking about growing your own veg, making your own bread and joining some kind of community that helps people or the world. You’ve arrived where I am that is, sorting the wheat from the chaff, trying to build a life where you finally understand we are all a small part of all this wonder. Loving yourself, being self interested, because you know that when you love yourself you are in fact loving others (as we are all spiritually connected even when we think we’re not.)

I have been lucky though because even when I thought “!!I CAN’T DO THIS!!”

Something, someone or situations have changed to make me know everything’s going to be fine. (Whoop-de-do for me your thinking, I know: ) You just have to believe good things will happen to you, and be invested in making good things happen for others. Then just sit back and look for the evidence that always shows up when you begin to trust. When it does this is the beginning of having faith. It takes a while but I figure what have you got to lose. It’s got to be better than driving yourself ‘batty’ worrying over situations you cannot change. Especially if you’ve made a proactive effort to change, fix or heal them. Give your ego a day off and just believe everything’s going to be fine and you know what you’ll finally feel? Yes, peace : )

I liked this clip because she doesn’t mention religion and her intentions are good.

Thank you for you time and interest

Please share, comment, like we appreciate all!

Pegatha Gaile

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